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Snagit Editor 11.2.0 seems to have problems when copying images to the clipboard with "Copy All". I am a software developer and I've made extensive tests. The results when copying in Snagit are not reproducible, as in most cases Snagit Editor creates almost always different formats on the clipboard: After copying, sometimes the clipboard is empty, sometimes it creates a proprietary format "{A87846A4-38CA-4be3-BDF1-71EF821EF333}", sometimes this proprietary formats is mixed with Bitmap formats, sometimes the correct formats CF_DIB, CF_BITMAP and CF_DIBV5 are used, etc.

Please fix this bug!
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Posted 7 years ago

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Doesn't seem like Snagit is saving image captures to the clipboard in BMP format or at least a non-compressed format. When comparing screen shots taken directly from windows 7 to those taken with TechSmith Snagit version 11.2.1, the Snagit clipboard shots are noticeably less quality.
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This is true. I have copied the SAME OBJECT! twice to the clipboard. One time the clipboard contained these formats:

The second time it contained only a HTML format:

So please tell your developers to fix this bug ASAP. Thank you!
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I experience this problem too.
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This is a recurring problem for me as well.  I can usually resolve it by exiting and reopening SnagIt, but that's not helping today.  Please fix this problem!
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The problem still exists with 12.4.1 Build 3036. When you send it to Clipboard, snagit sends 3 pictures and not one. The latest picture is not pastable but the first 2 picture. If you use clipboarder you can switch to the working picture.

Hopefully this bug will be fixed soon.
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Hi mapallasch,
I see this and another post about trouble copy/pasting to the clipboard.
I have spoken to our Technical Support team to see if this is a known issue and it is not.
Nor have I heard reports of many people having trouble copy/pasting from Snagit.

I am curious about your workflow. I also see you are using a 3rd party Clipboard Manager app.

So, if you ignore the app for a minute, and just copy your image in Snagit then paste into your email or Word, do you get the image you copied?

Or, if you turn that app off, and you do a copy  in Snagit, and then paste, do you get the image that was copied?

I wonder about your clipboard manager app and if it is showing all the metadata that could be associated with your capture. For instance, if you take a capture from the Web, we also collect information about the size of the capture, the URL of the site, and other stuff. Perhaps, this other stuff is being copied and it shows in the app you are using.

Overall, if the copy/paste process works, does it matter what shows in the clipboard manager?

Thanks for any more information you can share on your process for copy/pasting.

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If the issue being discussed here is that there are 3 formats shown in the clipboard when you Copy All in Snagit, then that is not a bug. It is designed to work that way in the Windows operating system.

Try the same thing in the Windows Paint application - use "select all" and "copy" and see what appears in the, for example, Clipboard Format Spy application. There are all kinds of formats that will appear. These are all expected and desired formats.

If you are daring, an explanation of the format of objects on the clipboard can be found on Microsoft's developer network page: You will read comments like:
"When copying bitmaps, it is best to place the CF_DIB or CF_DIBV5 format on the clipboard. This is because the colors in a device-dependent bitmap (CF_BITMAP) are relative to the system palette, which may change before the bitmap is pasted. If the CF_DIB or CF_DIBV5 format is on the clipboard and a window requests theCF_BITMAP format, the system renders the device-independent bitmap (DIB) using the current palette at that time."

Basically, that's just saying there are multiple formats written for images to accommodate different color palettes used by different applications.

The handling of the objects in the Windows clipboard is done through Microsoft's Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) technology ( - whatever formats you see in there are probably intentional depending on the type of thing you are cut/copy/paste-ing.

So, I agree with Kelly here: "if the copy/paste process works, does it matter what shows in the clipboard manager?'
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Except it the problem isn't about the metadata, the metadata is evidence of a snagit clipboard issue. The frequent problem is pasting doesn't work. For me it was particularly noticable trying to paste into MS outlook email. The first copy/paste would fail and you'd have to copy/paste a second time for it to work.

I think What other posters are trying to point out is that it appears snagit is sometimes putting the wrong data into the clipboard, or maybe there is a conflict with another application or a concurrency issue. In any case the first paste after a copy is getting rubbish/corrupt data and clipboard managers confirm that something (most likely snagit) has put the dodgy data into the clipboard
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I see now - after installing Clipboard Format Spy, any attempt to copy+paste from the editor *while that app is running* does not succeed. I can log that as a bug in our tracking system.

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