Provide an option for AUTOMATIC auto-trim

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My workflow requires auto-trimming every image that I capture. It's nice that the big red Capture button automatically puts the capture on the clipboard, but that doesn't help me if I must always auto-trim using a button on the toolbar.

Please give me an option to *automatically* auto-trim the image before putting it on the clipboard. (Also allow an automatic auto-trim for the normal capture button too.)

It's easy to imagine that many people use the auto-trim function. Why make us add another click or two to our workflows? :-) Thank you


While searching the forum for another issue (automatic borders around captured images), I found a little video on how to create a capture preset that applies effects. One of the effects was auto-trim, so I made a preset for myself to solve the issue.
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Thanks. I frequently use auto-trim and did not know (had not explored) the effects options to discover the auto-trim one. This is a time saver. You can teach an old dog new tricks.
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For those that may be unaware:

I use auto trim often. Not while capturing, but after the capture. And often I observe it failing. I presume it typically fails because there are too many variations of color and it's too subtle for my aging eyes to pick up.

One way I work past this is to use an odd color to "flood fill" the area I want to auto trim. I think the tolerance setting helps with this. 

But after doing a flood fill, typically the auto trim behaves exactly as I had hoped to remove what I didn't want.
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Unfortunately it seems that the auto-trim effect when capturing is not available for the Mac version (2020). Can anyone else confirm? This would be a very useful feature!
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I'm not using a Mac, but do you have the trim effect in your version? If so, did you try the "Add another option" at the bottom of the effects list in your screen shot?

Add the Trim effect, then change its settings to auto trim:

As an aside, the Trim / Auto-trim feature doesn't show up in my Effects side-bar but does show up here. Using SnagIt 2019.

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Thanks for trying to help, but unfortunately the "Add another option" item in the Effects drop-down box only lets me add an additional effect, and doesn't seem to have any bearing on what effects are available. Sadly, Trim isn't in the second list either.

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I create cut-edge effects for the majority of my images, and I have to Auto-Trim every one to remove the excessive empty space around the modified edges(s).  This needs to be an automatic action.  It would reduce my workflow from 2-clicks to 1-click.  I know it doesn't sound like a huge savings, but when you're working with hundreds of images, the clicks add up fast.