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The following topics have been addressed previously but not recently. Tech Smith has come up with a new version of SnagIt and still has not addressed problems they go back to at least version 7. Maybe we can get comments and/ or patches that will address historically ignored problems.


I have used SnagIt for many years and have purchased numerous generations of version changes. I have several basic needs for a screen capture program like SnagIt. In any given situation it is problematic that SnagIt will perform as I expected and programmed a profile to accomplish a given screen capture task. On the SnagIt forum other users that expect the same capture capabilities that I do complain, version after version, that the desired functions either do not any longer exist or continue to fail in their execution.

 Usually post on this forum extol the same frustrations that I have had. I’m presently using SnagIt version 11.  Will I “upgrade” to version 12? NO!


Recent “upgrades” of SnagIt have not solved my problems and are in fact are steps backwards. I want a simple interface. I want to be able to easily adjust the size of my screen captures and change canvas sizes. I want an easily accessible tool to add text to a screen capture. And a biggie is the ability to make screen captures that maintain workable links. The screen captures should include scrollable webpages, the ability to capture an entire webpage, and a portion of the webpage that contains links of interest. I would like screen captures to have the capability of being added to a email as an attachment and/or be incorporated onto the main email page itself and all the while to keep active HTML web links. SnagIt is not been able to consistently give me the behaviors of a screen capture program that accomplishes these few desired and expected tasks.


If I have successfully been able to program a profile that initially provides a solution to my needed tasks that profile becomes degraded to the point that it no longer works correctly. The first thing to go is the ability to interact with a captured webpage workable HTML links. Workability of a screen capture makes no difference as to file type (PDF, SWF, or MHT) used to archive the capture.


What can an end user or a publisher do to improve the SnagIt program to accomplish the basic screen captures with the properties I mentioned above?


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Posted 6 years ago

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Thank you for adding your voice to my concerns. Over the years I have spent what I consider to be quite a bit of money on screen capture programs - especially SnagIt. SnagIt has been advertised as being capable of scrolling down a webpage, capturing a single webpage and / or capturing a user-defined region all the while maintaining interactive HTML links. I don’t think that the advertising hype any longer includes “text captures” from dialog boxes or claims that SnagIt is able to capture text when other methods and products fail. That’s putting a little honesty into selling the product. I never got “text capture” to work in any way. I don’t think that text captures should call for such difficult programming methods that TechSmith can't figure out how to accomplish the task.

I look to SnagIt for a menu item that allows me to annotate a captured image I find that the choice is extremely limited. Adding simple comments to be saved with a web capture can take digging down deep into the menu structure and following unintuitive paths to locate a tool that will allow me to add unadorned text (vertically, horizontally, angled) to an image.

Why should one have to watch a video and read several pages out of the help file to add a title, footnote, and customized comments to a captured image? For me the can’t and won’t list goes on. Whether all agree that I’m right or wrong concerning easy access to commonly used tools, I think most would agree with my statement that the user interface is deplorable. It is my belief that a properly seasoned software product should not require a user to watch a video or contact technical support to perform the simplest of tasks.

I am not just ranting and raving.  I do have a question that should be able to be answered without too much trouble. Can I have a decision-maker address my and other SnagIt users concerns?


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I like my current  Snagit Version 11.3.0 and its accompanying editor because Snagit 11 has a superb Extended Window feature which is working very well for me (except for a very minor  work around).  Any future version might have a radically different Extended Window capture, and I don't have the time to learn something new.  In fact, it might be cancelled in favor of user mouse controlled scrolling, which does not work for me.  Besides, I don't want  to pay for a Version 12 when I bought Version 11 less than 8 months ago.
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Many of us do not upgrade and stick to v11.x (or even older). Obviously we have to consider that there will not be any bugfixes.
Unless some future release will solve the issues and unless a competitive product is introduced, there will be no alternative but to stick to this version the years ahead..., regretfully so.

There have been many complaints since v12. To me, it has some similarity to the introduction of Windows v8 and the removal of the 'Start'-menu resulting into many complaints and 3rd party workarounds. At least they 'listened' and the start menu has been re-introduced, albeit slightly different.

Personally, I would assume that Techsmith would more aggressively 'defend' the 'shortcomings' of the new release, but sad enough many threads remain uncommented.

for instance:

Subject: why Snagit 11 is better than 12
--> no comments from a 'Techsmith-official'

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--> no comments from a 'Techsmith-official'

Subject: This is how to Capture and Edit Text after Upgrading to Version 12. Plus,Get Back Folder View in the Library. { :>)
--> no comments from a 'Techsmith-official'

Subject: Taking a STEP BACKWARDS with SNAGIT Version 12
--> no comments from a 'Techsmith-official'

Subject: Snagit 12 is not to my liking
--> 3 'official' comments: 2 telling that you can continue using v11 and get a refund of the upgrade

Subject: My SnagIt-wishlist
--> 1 'official' comment: short one saying thanks


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