Recommendation: Take Potential Mac Users More Seriously

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TechSmithers, here's some quick backstory for my not-at-all-quick-commentary:

1. Got the opportunity to make some screencasts at work! Awesome!
2. Downloaded trial version of C:3 on my personal Mac for testing.
3. Loved it! So...
4. IT purchased C:9 for me for my work PC! Awesome!
5. Moving between versions was kind of a bummer, considering your product page made it seem like they were interchangeable.

The C:3 demo worked way better on my Mac than C:9 does on my work PC. Haven't figured out why that is yet (the PC has killer 2016 specs; the Mac has average 2011 specs). Only partially related, there's a question in our office about switching us all over to Mac platform. The demo version on my personal Mac has expired, so I was unable to go back and explore it to remember what the differences are. I came back to your website to find some detailed info/screenshots/video/anything about C:3 but ... ̄\_(ツ)_/ ̄

My $0.02 is that you guys have a really big opportunity to bridge a communication gap with potential Mac customers... Please consider some honest, transparent communication about exactly what the differences between platforms are -- blatantly available on the product page! Don't just post copy that indicates that "it's easier than ever" to work with others cross-platform -- either make the platforms IDENTICAL or SPELL OUT the differences right on the product page (somewhere we can get to with 3 mouse clicks or less without having to dive into community posts!)... Maybe the info is there, but it was harder to find than a normal office worker's attention span could deal with!

I did look through Community posts for topics related to this and in one place, a Mac user posted a question about Zoom and Pan being missing from C:3. This was MY assumption, too. Someone (from TechSmith?) replied that it was there, but had a different name, then posted a tutorial to help that person out... and the tutorial WAS THE WINDOWS VERSION! Is there a compelling reason to choose the more confusion option of having two different names for a zoom feature? Does someone have a trademark on Zoom n Pan?! ;) Also, I know creating duplicate tutorial videos across platforms might be a resource drain, but if there are differences? Document them for us! Inform us as best you can so that we can make our best educated decision.

I even tried clicking on "Learn to Use Camtasia:Mac" and "All About Camtasia:Mac" and the freaking links were broken! (pic attached, possibly!)... It feels like every place I went for clear, concise help/info about the Mac version *specifically* ended in .. nada...

Using Camtasia to produce projects has been the most fun I've had at work in a little while... If it's not possible to make the versions equal, that's fine -- but please take seriously that nerds want to know every little detail about the differences.

Thanks for reading and making some really awesome software (I use SnagIt daily!)... I have several features I'm pulling for and will be voting for them going forward, regardless of what version of Camtasia I wind up in. :)


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Hi fitzg, thank you for the detailed feedback, we really appreciate it. I definitely agree that it should be a lot easier to find the specific differences between platforms. Prior to version 3(mac)/9(win), the project files you make in Camtasia were not at all compatible. So, with this release, we made huge strides toward 'parity'. It would have taken forever to make everything identical, so we opted for giving you all something sooner that had the major things worked into both.

You asked why the difference in zooming, panning. Basically, we felt like the best way to do this is the way that both platforms support, and so the tutorials explain that. However, a lot of Windows users were used to the the "Zoom 'n Pan" tab workflow that had been on that platform for a long time. So, we left that around for those that were used to it, and the project it makes works on both platforms. So, that's why there are two ways to do the same thing. 

In general, we've done our best to make the help generic and apply to both platforms, since they are so similar now. 

Oh, one more thing: if you have a license for Camtasia, you can use it on both mac and windows. You can't give a copy to a buddy on another platform that what you use, but if you use it on both your mac and windows, it is fine to install it on both.

I hope this helps...
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Thanks, Paul! I understand that the previous versions were not compatible -- smart choice making them so, finally. I know that you give us an inch and we ask for a mile (!) but it's because we like your software and we want it to be the best it can be!

As someone who regularly goes back and forth between Mac and Windows, I would do well to remember the days when those systems were utterly incompatible. It's a luxury to have the two Camtasia versions be *this close* -- but I still look forward to the day they're identical.

Thanks for the info about the licensing -- I understand that one license covers one install on each platform, but for me it's an either/or situation: either I use a work PC or a work MAC, I can't use the work license on my personal computer.. so I was looking for info about the version differences in order to help make a decision about whether I want to move to a Mac machine for work or stick with my PC. Guess that was the whole reason I was searching for detailed info on your site.

Now if you guys will only add the light/dark theme functionality to BOTH platforms! Why can't my Camtasia match my SnagIt?!!!

Thanks again,