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Recording Camtasia from two locations.  Many problems

Place one

Camtasia 3.1.5 

I am having problems with audio mic voiced from a simultaneous recording done at a separate place.  I am recording from two separate locations.

1.  I hear an echo.  Probably from the screen recording.  Or a time lag over the Internet is being heard as a faint echo of the Audio in Place one.

2.  The screen failed to record.  

3.  My Camtasia was set for system recording and external mic recording.  

Place two

Camtasia 2

4. So to get the screen recording, I shared screens using google hangouts and Place two did the screen recording as well as the audio.  I would rather not have to receive a big screen recording over the internet.  It would be less trouble if I could do the screen recording on my Place one computer.

4.  We did not start our recordings together so it was difficult sync the 2 recordings.  How can I make syncing easier?  Perhaps I should have a 30 second silence before beginning to talk? Even so, Camtasia was having a hard time syncing.  The cursor skipped around.  It took a long time to get a reasonable sync.

Place two used a cheap mic, so that sound was poor.  We are buying a new mic.

5. The voice of Place one is heard in the screen recording of Place two, but faintly. I am guessing that by separating audio, I could eliminate that separate voice.  But, because I had trouble with syncing the voices, I did not want to complicate things.  Maybe the computer of both computers should lower the volume of audio in System audio.  What do you recommend?

I am going to redo the whole recording and would like some guidance as to how I should set up Camtasia.
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I'm not entirely sure I understand your setup here, so let me try to offers some suggestions where I can...
First, the echo- I'm not sure what might be coming out of your speakers, but if you are recording a mic AND the system audio (what is coming out of the mic) then when somebody on the other end of a hangout talks, you might be getting their voice twice; once from the hangout (system audio) and again when the mic pics it up, coming out of the speakers. 
There are two ways to fix this- you can either mute one or the other during editing at the right times, or you can use headphones/headset to prevent the stuff coming out of the speakers going back into the mic.

To make syncing easier: it's certainly possible that one recording will end up a little longer than the other. Long story, but this is kind of normal in the world of video. To help sync:
I like to include a loud "clap" to spike the audio waveform at the beginning/end. That makes it easy to see visually where it should be in sync.
Then, once you have that lined up, you may need to stretch one recording or the other to be in sync. For that, apply "clip speed" and drag the end of that effect until the two claps/recordings line up.

Recording failure isn't normal. Might need to contact tech support to dig into that one.

I hope some of this helps.