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I'm using Camtasia to make computer tutorials.  I've found that I get better results when I record sound and video separately due to the keyboard and other noise being picked up, plus I stay on script better if I write a script then read it instead of ad libbing as I go.  

If anyone else does that, what order do you do it in?  Do your read your script then add video to that, or record the steps then add narration to that?  Any tips on what works well?  Do you write out a script or just have notes to discuss?

I've been starting with the sound then trying to add video to that, but it's tedious to get it matched up.  I wonder if it would work better to start with the video.  However, I think I want to read a script rather than just watch the video and talk.

Either way, I should expect to need to extend the video in some places and split/move the sound, correct?

I'm using Camtasia Studio 8.  I may be switching to Camtasia for Mac.  (When I record sound I've just been using Sound Recorder which came with my Windows 7 machine.)
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I also produce software tutorials where I am explaining the navigation through the software.

I do this differently and I am very happy with the results:
1) I write the script
2) I record the screencast
3) I edit out any pauses or mistakes in my screencast
4) I set the clip speed for that entire screencast to 200%
5) I record the audio narration into Audacity
6) I edit the narration in Audacity and increase the tempo by 10%
7) I import the narration into Camtasia and set it above the screencast clip
8) I add extended frames to the screencast clip to make the screencast and the narration line up.

1) smoother, more stream-lined look to the cursor movements and navigation.
2) More energy in the tutorial with the narration tempo increased by 10%.
3) Perfect sync between narration and navigation on screen.

Just my 1.5 cents' worth
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Will try tommorow for sure! Thanks!
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Laura -- Audacity is so great!  Especially when you consider that it's free.  I do a host of things to my original audio track, but another one that might interest you is lowering the pitch by just 1%.  That combined with increasing the tempo by 10% helps to increase the energy and flow without getting that "And look! over here! we have a button!" feel that you describe.
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Which works great until you meet one of your clients in person.  Then you have to walk around with your chin on your chest, talking in a low voice like the anchorman Ted Baxter on the Mary Tyler Moore show.  haha

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