Removing the full screen option while playing html file

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I'm producing MP4 Smart Player with ToC and sharing the html file within our company LMS. For the security reasons, I'd like to disable the Full Screen option in the url controller. I tried to uncheck the "Produce with controller" option under Controller tab, but it still appears when playing the html file.

I'm using Camtasia 9.

Any ideas? 
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Posted 1 year ago

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First I'm a little confused by that you said

" I tried to uncheck the "Produce with controller" option under Controller tab, but it still appears when playing the html file

If you produce/render without the controls you should only get a single .mp4 file. No html file or any  other files. So not sure what html file you are trying.

When you produce with the controls you should get a folder with multiple files and the .mp4 video

Anyway to remove the Full Screen option you have to hack/modify one of the scripts that was produced.
There is no options to modify the player controls when you produce your project in Camtasia.

It's easy to do and straight forward. But you do this at your own risk. I imply no guarantees because you are editing a file that is out of my control.

FIRST... Before doing any changes  "MAKE A BACKUP COPY OF THE FILE" . That way if you do make a mistake you can just bring the backup back in and be back to square one.

1. Open the Scripts folder.

2. In a text editor of your choice ( you can use notepad but something like notepad++ or similar with syntax highlighting makes it easier) open the  "techsmith-smart-player.min.js"   file.

3. Do a search in the file for

<div class="fullscreen-wrapper"></div>\r\n

This is the area in the file you should be

Click image to enlarge:

4. Delete that line of code,  and Save (not Save As) .

Reopen the yourvideo.html file in a browser and the Full Screen option button should be gone.


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Works as magic, thank you so much! About the confusion I commented below to Rick, it was my mistake. Thanks again Dubie!
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I'm going to begin by saying I'm likely donning my "captain obvious" uniform. ;)

I can see where confusion may ensue.

In some applications, the output folder location is emptied before creating a new output.

But I don't believe Camtasia behaves this way. Certainly it would replace any files that were present when producing its output, but I believe if you have generated once with the controller option enabled, you get all the HTML and other files. But if you choose to omit that option at a later point, you will still see all the files that were produced at the time you produced with the controller option. But only the MP4 will be "fresh".

Now to go take those itchy tights off!

Happy Monday all... Rick :)
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Yes I believe what you say would be true but,

Things would be broken.

At least my understanding and from my own experiences is that if only the mp4 is modified
you lose the communication/linking to the other files because the mp4 has coding in it for the interactive content.

Thats why you can produce a video with interactive content but only have to upload the mp4 from the production folder to because the mp4 has the info for the smartplayer on Screencast to work.

I have myself edited just the mp4 from a smartplayer production and when played back (with the html file) interactive content was broke ie; hotspots etc.

So a bit off of the OP question but I think reproducing without the controller would have just opened a new can of worms anyway.

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You'r right, Rick, I produced first time with the controllers and later omitted the controllers but still saw the full folder, while it was just overwriting the mp4. The html played normally, what caused to my confusion. After deleting the folder and reproducing without the controllers I had an mp4 file only as Dubie commented above. Thank you for your help!
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maybe check out this example; is it at all what you're looking for?

this is a little test "faux" web site that I made from a simple video; video was produced without any player controls; navigation is via the hotspots only

you must use IE or Edge; Chrome prevents the video from auto-playing and renders the hotspots DOA