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I'm assuming this isn't possible currently but you never know. Imagine this scenario:

You've got 4 videos you need to edit/render. You spend 10 minutes editing and 50 minutes rendering for each video. That's a 4 hour session. During the rendering time, your computer's performance will be hit hard and depending on what you need to do, it might be almost impossible to use it during rendering.

My idea .. Allow a rendering session to generate multiple files from one render command. Adjusting that scenario above, you'd spend 40 minutes consecutive editing and 200 minutes (4x50m) rendering. The best part is that you could leave your machine running at the end of your day. 

You'd need to somehow tell Camtasia that 'this' is where video 1 to be output starts/finishes and this is what to call it, and similarly tell it where each of the other videos start and finish and naming. To keep it simple it could have a base filename and name that base+1, base+2, etc. Then you've just got a renaming job when you come back next day. You can use a shutdown command to shut your computer down after rendering is finished.

A simple way to delineate different videos is to have a gap between each output-file on the timeline.

I would use this feature almost every single day. I'd leave all my editing to be done just before my end of day and leave the machine to render in peace when I'm done editing. Next day I'll come back to multiple generated files.

Another, completely different, way of achieve this would be to offer a rendering queue. You add projects to the queue and specify the output options (bit rate, filename, etc) and then do "run queue" and it loads the next project in the queue and renders as specified, and when finished, goes to the next file in the queue.
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Ok maybe I'm missing something or maybe not enough coffee yet but would this not be accomplished
by using "Produce multiple files based on markers" ?

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Wow. Feeling dumb much today? Yep. Guilty.

Not only is there  batch production to load and share not only project files but even .trec files, and this is easily enough to satisfy my needs, but there's even the ability to generate multiple files from what's currently loaded into one session via markers. I'll have to look into how to set a marker but I imagine that's easy to find.

Well I've been making my own life difficult for the last year or so through not looking through the menus for a solution. I don't feel too bad because I only just thought of it today.

If threads get marked as 'solved' then this one needs that :-)