Repeat the last capture I just did SnagIt 12

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I do not understand. Repeating the last capture you did is a BASIC function of a screen capture program. For example, you are capturing a program window with tabs. You are capturing any window where the content changes. This is BASIC.  I have spent the last half hour searching the help and this community to no avail.  I must be doing something wrong?  Surely there is an obvious way to do this?  Could someone please help me?  I just took a capture, obviously it's not full screen, it's a section of my monitor.  I want to DO IT AGAIN.

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Posted 3 years ago

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Rick Grunwald

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Try it.  From the button that is at the top of your screen pick "Image" then hit print screen. Then do it again
It will per form the same capture again and again until you pick something else for a preset
If you use the IMAGE prset a lot then assign it a hot key and  use that and totally bypass picking a preset
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I'm sorry you are having trouble.

Yes, there is a way to do this, but, you need to do a little setup first. Since the All-In-One-Capture mode is the default, that just gets you to a point where you can take any kind of capture you want.

You most likely would like to set up a profile that is for Region Capture. Then, you can further define that to be a specific region and size on your screen using the capture options. After that, save your settings as a Profile with it's own unique hotkey. So, then you press the hotkey, that exact area and size of your screen is taken every time.

Look in the Snagit help file for Capture a Fixed Region.

That should give you Step-by-Step instructions for what you need.
Let us know if this isn't what you are looking for.

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It's a pity that Techsmith was not able to implement this feature during the last three years - my google query shows, that this feature was requested 3 years ago and it is indeed a great feature..., just to repeat the workflow:

  1. The User starts an All-In-One Capture
  2. He manually select a Region and captures it

  3. Then, for all upcoming captures:
    The User presses the newly introduced Hotkey:
    "Repeat the last Capture Profile, but reuse the last selected region"

    Or more technically for your developers:
    Re-use the last Capture profile, but replace the Capture Type by "fixed region" and use the last used region.

This would be a very easy to implement feature, and would finally add a real new Feature to SnagIt (we're still using the 3 years old release 11.x, because no update was able to bring real improvements).

This feature would add a new Workflow and simplify our work.

Kind regards, Thomas
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Rick Grunwald

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What happens when you go to capture preferences and assign a hot key to "repeat last capture? It always worked for me. I just tested it now 
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Hi Rick, that's great :-), it works perfectly...
thank you very much for this solution!, We always thought that it will repeat the last Capture Profile...
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Has "repeat last capture" since been removed in the latest version of Snagit (Mac version)? I can't seem to find it but I know I've used it in the past.
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For a minute I thought there was no such thing.  CAN I recommend expanding your hotkey selection for these  to include numeric keypad?  Same as for the presets hotkeys?  Because I've found that to be the best choice for a general snagit cluster - and much more convenient than the top row.
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Gordon Mancuso

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Works well, except for some reason when you "repeat last capture" the mouse is removed from the image. That's weird. But thanks to the commenters to pointed me to the feature.