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Often I want to change an audio file, image or video within the timeline. At the moment I have to then place the new media and delete the old one in the timeline. Adding all the effects again.

It would be nice to be able to right-click on a media within the timeline and choose "replace" - then select a replacement for the currently selected one and the new one will be put into its exact space with all effects, transitions, etc still in place.

As it is now, its just so much more work having to move elements around the timeline just to replace one item.

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Posted 3 years ago

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Right mouse click on the clip and select 'Update Media' from the drop down menu.  Find and select the file from the browse screen.  This will import the file into your bin and replace the old version keeping all the settings.  It will not delete the old version, so you may want to do a bit of housekeeping (if you can be bothered)
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doscope is correct,

However, there are some exceptions.
 A warning box will pop up letting you know that the footage or image is incompatible.The incompatibility issues seem a little arbitrary at times. mp4's with matching fps rates won't swap out at times. For the most part  update media works pretty well.


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This is a nice idea, thank you.
THere are definitely a lot of cases where the existing "update media" won't work, largely because the media is not the same length or size, so it's hard for us to know what to do with the differences. Not saying impossible of course. But this feature is mostly to help you find missing files.

Can I ask why you need to do this? Like what kinds of scenarios are you in where you want to swap out a media on the timeline? What kind of video are you making?
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An example of needing to do this is training materials have changed.  If you have picture that someone is doing a voice over to, and still image of the content changes, it would be nice to replace the old image with the new image and keep all of the animations and properties... I found the easiest way to do this was to drag new copy into the timeline and copy/paste the attributes from old, then copy/paste the animations (just make sure play head is at the spot you want the animations pasted and content is correct duration).
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Yes. Exactly. "Update Media" is not comfortable enough because you have to look for the right file (because Camtasia shows ANY directory but not that one you're currently needing ;-) ) although you already have the desired file in your bin!!!

My suggestion: Take a media in the bin or the timeline and drag it over the media to be replaced while holding a modifier like shift, control or alt. That would then update the media with the new one (of course by maintaining the length of the "old" media).
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I just finished a project where the Update Media command would have been great, because I had multiple effects on the old media. But it failed in each case I tried to use it.

The work-around is
  1. Drag the new media to the timeline on a track above the old media
  2. Make the new media 50% opacity so you can watch both at once.
  3. Apply all the effects until the new one matches the old.
  4. Delete the old and drag the new down to take its
  5. Restore the new media to 100% opacity.
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Yes. Nice workaround. I hope that they're going to add a replace feature into the next major update to save these steps.