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Our learning modules can be over an hour in length and our learners are livid that they can't resume them. Our modules created in Captivate can stop/resume, but our Camtasia-based projects can't. This is a critical issue for our team and learners.
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Posted 5 months ago

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Ed Covney

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Years ago I was able to download 38 short (3- 6 minutes)  tutorials on Camtasia v8.1 -  Data Based them in an open office calc sheet and even recorded topic break points. One reason I continue to use Camtasia 8.6 is that I can quickly find the help I need. (Click on the yellow "video", calc opens the video with a bother screen.)

Now if Tech Smith produces similar videos for v2018, I'd start using it.

BTW, these videos are still a helpful, it's just that they've re-located all functions locations I'm not familiar with. 

For example if I want to review " Edit a Zoom-N-Pan animation ", click on video #5 go to the 2:40 position.

The videos are still on-line, maybe download a few and see what you think.

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just curious, but are you referring to LMS content?

if not, and just referring to a MP4 w/controller productions that has a quiz, you can pause/resume those videos at will, up until you reach the quiz location
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Ed Covney

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Actually, there are 38 separate very short MP4 tutorial files from Tech Smith creators of Camtasia, I list 6 above. Collectively they taught me Camtasia 8.1 but were still 100% accurate thru version 8.6 - I reference them often as I'm old and forgetful.
Two things I loved about the short videos from Tech Smith:
#1: I'm not wasting much time finding the meat I seek in the video I need a "refresher in", i.e.  a "Reference. video"
#2: If downloadable, I can create a small calc file to file whatever content you'd like.
For example if I'm recording a video and I've forgotten how to "export audio", I click one key on my programmable keyboard - brings up the calc file above,  then search "audio" and I'm watching video #18 within 10 or 12 seconds. Total.
I can also create playlists on the fly, if I need to review "cleaning up mistakes, working with music" and "Add captions manually". 10 seconds to create the 3 video playlist.
Based on studies at Harvard (& others) the longest instruction video should be at MOST 19 minutes, shorter if there are few relax spots. It's our attention span; as we age we get smarter (maybe not always) and the shorter our attention spans become. And most humans 19 minutes or less. Of course this is not true of entertainment videos.
Ever watch a Ted Talks video longer than 20 minutes? I won't say never, but almost.
An hour video? Can it be chopped up into 3-20 minutes videos? Better yet 15-4 minute videos? or 20-3 minute videos?

BTW, just checked "Ted Talk's" rule, it's down to 18 minutes, I feel stupid!  Please read:
before producing another video.

BTW, can I watch & preferably download the video(s) of concern?

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Rick Stone

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Have you tried clicking the Help menu and choosing Video Tutorials in 2018?
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Ed Covney

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"Have you tried clicking  " now I have thanks, Rick. But not downloadable that I can see.  I see a ticket on the horizon! 
BTW, those videos were NOT there when I ask tech support months ago. Back when they featured hour long videos. Disappointing in one respect, I asked when I bought 2018, day one, and TS never told me they got  'er done.
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Yeah, the old style tutorials were much easier to navigate through.

TechSmiths website has a Tutorial link page to all their software.

But it's not organized anything like the old menu's were. You can't download a video through the site.
The videos content isn't broken down into segments. You have to watch the entire video to see whats in it.

Jing's copyright expired in 2012. They haven't updated it's tutorials or menu as a result.
You can still download the videos, etc.

Here's Camtasia 8's original layout.

When you watched a video on the website. It was broken down for you into segments.

You knew where to jump to for content.

Not any more. 
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If it is of concern or of help to anyone, you can download the tutorial videos.

With the video playing click on the 'share" button on the player controls bar.

Then click 'Download" to save it to your computer.


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Nice catch
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Thank you for your feedback meredith.olson.  Are you using SCORM to package your learning modules out of Camtasia?  If so are you using any of the quizzing features with your videos by chance?