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A few of the recent feedback posts on this feedback forum pained me because what some customers are feeling is everything we don’t want to be. So I’m ignoring advice about what CEOs aren’t supposed to do, and posting myself on the forum.

We must make every version more valuable than the last, and while you can’t please everyone all the time, it’s disappointing that we failed any of our users in this regard. It doesn’t matter how many new things we have added, if we have also introduced a detractor that negates that value.  It doesn’t matter how great our usage and revenue numbers are at the moment, if we haven’t acknowledged, assessed, and addressed frustrations of longstanding engaged users.

So we commit to doing our best to respond to your feedback by investing in Snagit. We respect that you have told us a lot, so we have created a special roundup of ‘ideas’ of what we have heard here.  We need to ensure we have a full understanding of the requests, the reason for the request, and the priority of the request before we take any action. So, we ask you to review these ideas, add anything missing, and vote on your top priorities in the next week (by June 9th). We will first focus on what is most important to our customer base as a whole as judged by the votes, or if there are no standouts we will focus on what is easiest for us to do first.  After a week of clarification and voting, we need another two weeks to evaluate the requests, and respond back with our intentions. If we decide we won’t implement a request, we will explain why.

There are a few other actions we will be taking. We will continue to directly invite highly active forum users to future betas, and evaluate our beta process to make sure all feedback is adequately heard with time to address before release.  We will continue to evolve how we are leveraging and communicating in this forum.

We do share product roadmaps with customers in some settings, but as you know Robert has shared a policy that we don’t post roadmaps on public forums. However, I feel that the response from leadership explaining that policy failed you in that it lacked acknowledgement that anytime there is a widespread customer concern we have an obligation to communicate. So we are changing our policy in that if a large group of customers are feeling pain about the same issue, then we owe it to them to explain what we are (or aren’t) going to do about it. It may not always be the answer you want, the resolution may be slower than what you want, and the answer might change, but we will be responsive and transparent.

In addition, I want to make clear that we do not want anyone paying for something they don’t value.  If an individual paid for the upgrade and it’s not meeting your needs, we will refund you.  Usually our policy is that customers make this decision during the 30 day trial period or the first 30 days after purchase. But we have already waived this policy and contacted you to provide refunds - if you haven’t received that offer please contact Robert. Since we have no way to verify that a customer uninstalled the latest version, I can’t keep this offer up permanently to anyone – but it’s obvious everyone in this thread has a genuine challenge.

We are very fortunate to have engaged customers on this forum. Feedback is a gift, and I thank you for it.

For any Camtasia customers reading this, we owe you a post as well - just give us some time to get that together.  (Update added 6/12/17 - this voting list is now available here.  )

Wendy Hamilton

CEO, TechSmith

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wendy.hamilton, TechSmith CEO

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Posted 2 years ago

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Thank you Wendy.

It is comforting to know that our concerns have been noted at the highest level.
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Biggest issue I see with Snagit both Mac and PC is why The the originating File type is not compatible between The Mac and PC Version  So people that a file have they would like to share say Mac to PC or PC to Mac. The only way we can do so is sent as a jpg, png  format. Unfortunately do so once that done items are flattened and therefor can not changed You can add. But not click on an item to remove or  alter. So I'd like to see either use the same format on on both platforms or fix so each can read and convert the other.
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Robert R., Online Community Admin

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Hi Phillip!

Thanks for stopping by to comment; this is an excellent feature request! To get it the most exposure possible, could you please create a new standalone Idea post so we can include it into the Round-Up? That way we can make sure users see it and can vote on it.


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Wendy. Thank you this addresses many user concerns, at last! Being an optimist I just hope it will be acted on and not be another smokescreen or window dressing!
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That would be excellent!  I switched to Mac from PC several years ago, and I still have a ton of images I didn't yet save to the folders they need to go in, and I am completely hamstrung now.
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Well hello there Wendy Hamilton... CEO...... TechSmith,

I'm pleased in reading your post. I'm guardedly optimistic as well.

 From my perspective, 99% of posted feature requests don't go any further than this.

Judging by the depth of your posting and your stated intentions. I believe you grasp the obvious. I appreciate your insight moving forward.

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wendy.hamilton, TechSmith CEO

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Joe, I get the message.  

Clever gif - how did you create it?
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Joe, did you see Wendy's question. Would be v. nice to know the answer if not too much trouble!
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Yes I did. I was lazy. I downloaded a video of that shredder.The original piece of paper had something else on it.
So, I created a text page.Placed it over the original one and animated it to scroll downward. I applied masking to make it disappear into the shredder.
I used Premier Pro and Photoshop.

 I decided to create one of my own afterward.
The following one was created with Crazy Talk Animator 3, Premier Pro, BCC9 and Photoshop.

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Good job!