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This post is all about more freedom in adjusting the interface.

1) When it was possible to resize the clip bin / Library on CS9 and also the properties window, I could more easy find assets in the clip bin because I would make it larger. Like in CS8 we could easily adjust the size of the clip bin (there was not yet a properties window) so we could decide for ourselves how to organize the screen space. 

2) Also it would be great if I could resize the tumbnails/icons so also that way I could gain space where I needed it.

3) Now you can have tumbnails or rows with text in the clip bin. The text is most of the time longer then the panel and therefor clipt and you need to do guessing on what item you need by selection. 
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Posted 3 years ago

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I couldn't agree more; I complained about these design deficiencies numerous times over the past year

the properties UI is too narrow for things like entering URLs for a hotspot, and way too narrow when entering quiz question answers

the media bin is not only too narrow for most file names, but its sorting of its contents is not consistent with what I would expect, and makes no sence

one major issue for me is the small size of file thumbnails when that display mode is selected

I work a lot with images as content; the current thumbnails are too small to be usable for accurate selecting, especially when the difference between images is minor; and using the Preview is just to tedious when needing to look through hundreds of images in the bin

I would prefer that there be an option to make the thumbnails 4 times larger than their current size, so they fill the entire width of the media bin; then, you could look at the much larger file thumbnail and make a confident selection
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Perhaps it would also be a very nice addition to enlarge the items you hoover over with the mouse. Also with the tumbnails and with the text.
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Allow the thumbnail size to be adjusted by the user. Some might prefer the current thumbnail size so they can see more of them at once than if they were larger.
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Couldn't agree more me too ;)
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