Resize the side panel or allow it to float? Give us two layers in the menu to more icons?

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I can handle the new UI but, I have a few problems and I don't know if its fixable and I just haven't figured out how yet, or is it not possible?

1) The panel on the right.  I can't drag toward the center of application to make the panel bigger, nor can I drag out to make it thinner.  It is just locked in one place which is annoying.  Sometimes I want more screen-estate and you know sometimes I just can't see clearly what those stamps are because they are really small in the panel.  i literally had to stamp a bunch on a canvas to see what they looked like.  

2) Still with the panel - why can't I have my effects panel and quick style panel open at once? that effects area is CRITICAL and yet it sits in the lower right corner looking unimportant next to properties.  I even tried to pull it into the menu bar but couldn't.  It should be ON TOP, or make the panel on the right have more division sliders so i can get to both easily.  AND please, is there a way to undock the panel maybe? undocking would be awesome.

3) So like many others I couldn't find anything right away.  Then I figured out how to customize the menu bar the way I want, so I was excited - and went to town dragging every icon imaginable to my menu bar - then ----- i ran out of ROOM.   Is there a way to make two toolbar rows that I don't know about?  Is there a way to undock and redock the toolbar.

4) Finally have issues with the user intuitiveness when modifying/working with screenshots etc in the canvas.  I don't know how to explain it but it doesn't work right anymore, what i want to select doesn't select on click, when i want to move things around and one goes slightly on top of another item i just moved, I now have to preflatten first - it isn't 'smart' like it used to be, and working with text is nightmare, or toggling between an object and a text box the selection functionality is messy now.


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Posted 3 years ago

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Without going point by point, some of these can be reset in editor preferences  but moving them thee has made the program awkward to use. Dynamically resizing the canvas is one - very useful sometimes and when working on an 8 1/3 by 11 canvas it is NOT useful at all.. Perhaps a second var under the wkward tools bar with (say) check boxes for some of these issues that would be more useful if invoked on the fly and stored with that one image
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+1  Anyway, we're talking with walls.

- They are inflexible

Just one idea - I saw implemented in the last 6 months.
"Shrink to Fit"
So I do not make too big hopes with them.

A new release means new things
I have not seen in six months new things - It's been four versions - No change

in the latest version - appeared other bugs.
Recent - Is not remember positions after restart.
background - Is not remember my color after restart.

Read all for easier movement...