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Recently I upgraded my laptop from windows 7 to windows 10, unfortunately I forget to take backup of my snagit files. Is it possible to restore my old data files?
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Mahendra Kotapati

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Posted 3 months ago

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Joe Morgan

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When you updated to Windows 10.  If you allowed Windows to save your original files.
You should be able to change the SnagIt data store file location in preferences.Changing it to the original folder.
Restoring those images.

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Mahendra Kotapati

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Hi joe,
Today I upgraded my laptop but I didn’t take any backup of snagit folder.

Can you please help on this to restore my old files in to this windows 10?
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Joe Morgan

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Theres file recovery software that may be able to restore the folder.

I suggest you Google it.Perhaps watch a You Tube video or 2 on how the process works.
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Mahendra Kotapati

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Ok thank you,

I will google it for recovery tool , if you know any recovery tool please let me know.
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I would like to add a bit more of info here regarding the saving of Snag-it files, and really any other files that are your own data. Hopefully, you asked Windows to backup your data in the migration to Windows 10, and that you can find your data. But if not, here is a very big word of caution - DO NOT use the Windows provided folders for any of your data for anything, anytime. The Windows provided folders are found under C:\Users\.... Always create your own folders in C, or any other hard drive if you have more than C. This way Windows can never ever do anything to your files, even when reloading new Windows versions. Normally, when Windows is installed, it loads in default versions of the Windows folders, and bye-bye to all your data, which can include downloads, pictures, and more!

So, in the screen shown above by Joe, with regards to Snag-it files, click on the folder icon where on the line it says 'Library location:' and then drill down to your own Snag-it folder ( preciously created by Explorer or any similar file management  tool) in your own folder. I do this on all my computers (I have at least 6) and I can copy or add to my Snag-it data from any computer to any other, and never worry about the Snag-it  files disappearing or getting lost. I do this with ALL my files, and train all my clients to do the same. Do not use the Windows provided folders!

One last word - backup your own data weekly, or even daily, depending on how critical your data is, or what files you have added or altered since the last backup. Today, there are many options of saving your data to the Cloud, but I recommend not doing this for many reasons, one of which is that data in the cloud can be hacked! What I recommend to all is to get your own backup storage, and this can be a simple USB 3.0 drive that you connect to your computer.

Today, you can buy a very reliable 2TB USB 3.0 external hard drive for $65-$75! If you have more than one computer, than a nicer solution, albeit more expensive would be to have a NAS backup system on your home network. and all your computers can connect to that drive over your local network easily. NAS drives, or NQAS enclosures connect directly to your network with a network cable and do not connect to any computer. Typically, smaller sized NAS systems cost between $200-$400. You can even get NAS systems that are connectable to the internet so that you can access your data from anywhere, all with  password protection!

Vincent (01-18-2020)
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How did you perform the update? If done properly, you should have been offered "choices":
1) Update and keep all user data
2) Update and keep all user software and data (preferred - Windows may exclude incompatible programs).
3) Format drive and install.

You may have an opportunity to roll-back the update, see:

If you get windows 7 back, it's also less confusing and much faster to update from the ISO (DVD) or  the "Win-10-MediaCreationTool1909.exe" (most current version). Good luck.

If you have further questions, just ask.