Ribbon toolbar ex v11 - please consider to reinstate

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The v11 Ribbon (Toolbar) was and by v11 users still is highly appreciated.
Whilst being aware of the reasons for a change, for many of us, it was really a disappointment and reason to change back from v12 to v11 - and ask for a refund.
The v11 users are therefore more or less 'stuck' to using that version and hesitate to pay for upgrades (loss of revenues for TechSmith)

Much has been said about this, I know. I myself, whilst having a v13 license, don't use v13.

Would like to bring it up again, so it will be on the June Feature Request Roundup.


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Posted 3 years ago

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Official Response
This Idea didn’t get enough votes to be under consideration for a future release at this time. So, we are marking this one as Not Planned. We do want to give you all an explanation behind the reasoning. Some of you may have missed why we made the change away from the Ribbon, so here is a breakdown of why that took place and how that change has been successful. 

The reasoning behind the change included:

  • Put us in a better place to scale the UI as we add tools, effects, and other features

    • Adding new tools and tool modes was becoming unsustainable with the Ribbon. When you add a tool to the ribbon, you need to group it with like tools which leads to a grid of buttons that you need to scan through every time you select a tool. Most people didn’t use the Quick Access Toolbar, so it wasn’t a viable solution for a majority of users. Future work on Favoriting Quick Styles and Tools would likely address this problem.

    • And later we found that the text from a button being dropped automatically depending on the width of the Editor was causing big issues. Which makes it really hard for some to recognize which tool is which by just the icon (something we addressed in the new design soon after the first release). This was especially problematic on smaller screen sizes, like laptops.

  • Promote and support customization of tools

    • Many properties and settings were going unused; by expanding the screen real estate dedicated to the Properties and Effects settings, more folks started delving deeper into Snagit’s tools and getting more value from customization.

  • Make the interface more approachable

    • The was a huge problem when trying to on-board new users to Snagit’s Editor. In our testing and betas, the Ribbon came off as overwhelming and turned off people not familiar with Snagit’s feature set, preventing them from ever adopting the tool.

  • Expose more of the power of Snagit, while not coming off as overwhelming

    • We needed to strike a balance between showing all the tools at once and making them available when you need them. We want to serve our power uses and tomorrow’s power users as well.

And of course:

  • Maintain as many common workflows across Snagit as possible as we make change

    • Most of those have been addressed. But there are things like hotkeys and the Quick Access Toolbar that remain as outstanding issues and our current solution will continue to be evolved to address those. 

All our anonymous usage analytics show an increase in tool usage in Editor. Which is fantastic. We’ve got more people than ever using the tools we’ve built to be more effective at their jobs. On the flip side, these changes had unintended impacts on some workflows, which is always a risk when making big changes in an established product. (Changes at that scale will not be made again in the foreseeable future.) We learned quite a bit from our betas prior to the launch and have made changes in follow-up releases to address many of the issues that were brought up after the initial release.

We will continue to recruit research participants and listen carefully as we make improvements to the new look and UI of Snagit. It’s very important for us and Snagit to make sure that we understand your workflows and needs as we release new versions in the future. While we aren’t bringing back the Ribbon, favoriting your regularly-used Quick Styles and Tools is definitely in the cards for releases in the future. Which will definitely lead to increases in your efficiency when using Snagit. 

All of your passion and engagement is appreciated and taken to heart. Thank you.

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