Rotate & align an image to a monitor screen

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HI, what is the best practice to align a screenshot to a screen?  I tried with the rotation option, but couldn't get it to be accurate :( 



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With the media selected hold the SHIFT + CTRL key and click and drag rotate it.

Don't use the Rotate handle just click on the media and rotate it.

Once you have it close you can fine turn it by highlighting one of the rotation fields and use the up and down arrows on your keyboard

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Okay for starters,

Camtasia doesn’t have the ability to deal with perspective changes. Because the monitor in your image is tilted there’s no way to conform a new image or video to the monitor.

If you look at the Photoshop guidelines in the image you will see that they line up with the corners of the monitor on the left. But where they should intersect with the monitor on the right. Not only are the differences on the right substantial. The differences between the two are great by comparison.

So as you see in his next image, no matter how much I twist, turn, pull or manipulate this image. It’s simply not going to fit within the monitors screen area.

One possible solution is, if this were a still image. Would be to put the image in a program like Photoshop and add a green screen to the monitor. By simply coloring and the screen with green. You could do the same with the video if the camera were mounted to a tripod and didn’t move at all.

Then you could bring the image/video into Camtasia. Use remove a color on the green screen. Insert the image behind the PNG and position the image accordingly. Now the image is not going to be perfect due to the perspective being blown out and not correct. But for most images it won’t stand out or be detected.

However, if you’re dealing with an image that involves text or straight lines of any kind. This simply is not going to work. As you see in the image below I’ve manipulated an image with text. The text in the center of

the screen looks relatively straight and proper. But the text the top of the monitor. And the bottom of the monitor is running very crooked and off the screen.

This demonstrates how much you need the ability to work perspective.

There is a visual effect called device frame that will put an image or video inside of monitor for you. There’s only one monitor currently available for desktop but it’s a quick and easy way to go.

There are free editors out there like Hit Film Express.

that give you the ability to do corner pinning quite easily. However that does involve learning how to use another piece of software.

Unfortunately, Camtasia isn’t built for special-effects. It can do a few things. To me this effect is rather basic. Yet Camtasia’s incapable of doing it without jumping through a lot of hoops. One other thing you may want to consider.

There’s an older version of Vegas Pro currently available for $22 from Humble Bundle. It will be available for about 10 more days. It’s a highly functional video editor that retailed for around $600 when it first came out. It has a lot more features than the free version of Hit Film Express, which is a program that you can buy additional packages for to enhance its capabilities. Or you just by a full version of the program for $400.

Vegas Pro is formally Sony Vegas that apparently fell into disarray with too many bugs and small problems. It was taken over by another company. It’s now considered to be a good solid program once again. According to recent articles I’ve read. You could use it to do the things that Camtasia simply cannot. Export it from Vegas as a high quality AVI and import it into Camtasia.

Since the program is a year or so old there might be a couple of newer cameras using codecs that won’t be recognized by the program.Vegas 16 is the newest version. Other than that you would have a near professional level editing program to fall back on with more transitions and special-effects than you know what to do with. A higher quality green screen editor amongst other things. Basically, you could learn things and advance your skills whenever you want to. With plenty of YouTube videos to help you along your way. At $22 this deal might not ever come around again. It’s legit to, five months ago you could buy Camtasia 9 and SnagIt 13 for $20 as a bundle. And those software keys were legitimate. TechSmith will tell you so. I inquired about it because I found it hard to believe. So food for thought, I have higher regards for Vegas Pro than Hit Film. But that’s primarily because Hit Film doesn’t have many features unless you pay for them.

anyway I think I’ve said quite enough.

Regards, Joe