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am both a Camtasia and Snagit user and love them both.   However, I think TechSmith has missed a trick with Snagit.  I love the fact that it can do video recording and is a reasonable price.  However, it’s one flaw is the fact it won’t save files in TechSmith trec file format.

If it did I could see Snagit being a very attractive captured tool whilst using the power of Camtasia for editing material i.e. enabling turning on/off system sound hide/highlight cursor movement etc.  I could certainly see SnagIt  having a wider appeal  as capture tool with technical support staff (both for capturing how to and troubleshooting videos), whilst content designers (course builders) being able to collect the content, edit it and pimp it up in Camtasia.

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So cadams so many reasons,

For starters, SnagIt records directly to MP4. It wasn’t designed to save videos for editing at a later time. They give you the option to trim them down and that is all.

Camtasia’s screen recorder is the best screen recorder I have ever used. It records a high quality AVI. It is also a container format with cursor information, you can record keystrokes and a separate WebCam video amongst other things.

SnagIt is a $50 screen capturing device. TechSmith isn’t about to give you their signature screen recording device in a $50 application. That’s simply not going to happen.That's the only way you're going to record to .trec. Plus, SnagIt cannot edit .trec files.

I would never recommend recording a video with SnagIt and editing it in Camtasia in the first place.

If you own Camtasia. Why in the world would you record a video with SnagIt to begin with? You should have recorded it with Camtasia.

SnagIt’s MP4’s are highly compressed videos. They don’t re-render well. On top of that the audio quality of SnagIt videos are very poor. And I mean atrocious as far as I’m concerned. If you don’t believe me take a quality music video or recording and try recording that. Play that back and get ready to cover your ears.

So, as an example of the differences. I recorded two identical videos in duration and screen size. The videos are 38x40 x 10x80. Duration is one minute and 34 seconds.

I will include a screenshot below to show you all the numbers.

The Camtasia video came out to 1.78 GB in size with a total kbps 160,000+.

The audio is recorded in stereo at 1400 kbps


The SnagIt MP4 video is 112 MB in size with a total kbps 9900

the audio is recorded in mono at 98 kbps


You can take a Camtasia screen recording and put it in Premier Pro and do anything you want with it. Color corrections, special-effects, you name it. The videos that good. They re-render like any high quality video will.

A SnagIt video should be shared and that’s about it. That’s what it was designed for. There simply isn’t enough video or audio information to work with. Not for high-end video work.

Can you edit SnagIt MP4’s and get away with it? Of course you can. That doesn’t make it a good idea or a high quality video in the long run.

Camtasia's files are huge for a very good reason.

"I Hope you see my point".........That's why I made the videos.                                                                                                                                                      

Regards, Joe