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I want to file a complaint regarding the 'save as PDF' function with SnagIt 11. I work in the law enforcement community and we are required to save all files as a PDF in order to prevent others from altering our work. It's an industry standard that shows due diligence when preventing others from manipulating our products, ranging from presentations to analytical reports. I used to work with SnagIt 8 at my old agency without issue regarding the 'save as PDF' function, meaning it saved the images without issue and at their regular size when they were captured with SnagIt. I was able to rapidly save multiple images and merge them into a single PDF report. I moved to a new agency without SnagIt and it took me 11 months of administrative collaboration to reach an agreement to buy SnagIt for several agency members because I explained how important it was to have a capture tool that was able to save to PDF without distortion. I talked about how this would save employees time instead of having to manipulate images from a JPG and convert to a PDF and then merge into one PDF file. When we downloaded SnagIt 11, the PDF images are saved as very tiny and are unusable by our staff. I spoke with TechSmith IT support and they stated there is nothing to be done to fix this issue, and that no one else had complained about the PDF feature since so few people use it. I want TechSmith to know that this tool is used in the law enforcement community, and the ability to manipulate PDF files is of great importance. After months of negotiations, and to finally have this tool, it is disappointing to know our employees still have to save as a JPG and convert files into PDF in order to not lose the original size of the image they have captured. I do not understand how this ability was lost between version 8 and 11, but it is a major issue that I hope can be corrected in an update. I have always been a major supporter of SnagIt, but I am disappointed in the less user friendly version of SnagIt 11 and the lost features that I was used to. For example, we are unable to use the scrolling webpage option and have to use the custom scrolling webpage option because SnagIt jumps around on our multiple screen setup and distorts the captured image. Then to have to use multiple steps to get to one PDF file is disappointing. Please work on correcting these issues. This tool is very important in our line of work and I know it can be a useful product again if these items are corrected. Thank you.
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Try this... (click image for large view)

It may seem odd but to create .PDF documents, you use a "print function".
The "Acrobat Printer" is a PDF document creation tool. It will "print", that is create, and save your document as a .PDF file on your PC. Hope this helps.
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Was having a similar problem with version 11.2.1, my image was very large and the PDF was split. This solution worked for me!
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Sorry to hear that things aren't working out as you expected.

I don't have any suggestions on making Snagit 11 work like you desire, but I wanted to let you know that your Snagit 11 key should work to unlock older versions of Snagit.

You can download the older versions from this page:

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I too am disappointed in "Snagit's save to PDF" failure (S).

I have Snagit versions 8, 9, and the trial edition of version 11 installed on my computers. There's quite a lot wrong with the fact that I have to go back to to earlier editions of a program to make a given advertised feature work. As a case in point, I have to use version 8 to get any satisfactory output of a screen capture to a PDF file. It would be difficult for me to list all the reasons for using the "save to PDF" option. One of the main reasons for me to use the PDF output is trying to maintain a document's HTML links.

On my Windows XP Pro computer, the "Save to PDF" output option works the majority of time in version 8, rarely using version 9 and never with version 11.

On my Windows 7 Home Premium computer I'm not able to get the PDF function to work. In fact when I try to open a PDF file saved using any of the versions of Snagit on the Windows 7 computer, no matter what I do the file is opened up in Microsoft Word and appears as unreadable garbage.

Over the years I have had to reinstall the various versions of Snagit many times to get this or that function to correctly work again.

When it comes to saving links in a screen capture, regardless of the output I specify, it is problematic if I will be successful on the first 2 to 3 tries. When I must have links maintained in screen capture documents I may have to spend the better part of an hour tinkering with the various profiles.

I find it difficult to believe that the problems I've just described are rare. It appears to me that if the problem carries over from one version of the Snagit program to another without solution finally that function will be dropped from the next released version. An excellent example is apparent by looking at all of the features that have been dropped in the latest version of Snagit.

Without singling out specific comments made in the Techmith forums over the years I hope that is apparent that short and/or flippant answers to a user are not appreciated. Problems should be addressed and appropriate responses made when a program user becomes frustrated by the failure of the program to function correctly. Technical articles that I assemble and write are serious business.
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This has always been a problem with SnagIt. Lots of people have complained. For some reason TechSmith doesn't want to fully acknowledge the issue or explain the reason for not providing the capability to create a good quality full size image in PDF.
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I've been a loyal Snagit user for quite a number of years, and have recommended the products to others.

But this issue with Save As > PDF giving very small fionts is very annoying. I've just done a lot of scareen capturing, and because soem samples of the PDFS looked OK in PDF Reader (on the screen) I thought they were OK.

However, when I print them, the print is illegible witohout a magnifying glass as it' so small. Doing Scaled Printing on my canon printer to increase the size is no help - it just pushes the sections of the page off the page.

I don't recall this problem with Snagit over the years, and now I understand why - that it is present in Version 11 but may not be in earlier versions.

I like V.1 11 with the Snagit controls being always at the top of teh screen (like teh Jing sun), but this PDF issue is a major problem.

I suppose I coudl go back to an earlier version of Snagit, but I woudl prefer not to.

Is there no other solution, apart from the Print As> PDF workaround shown earlier?
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I`m amazed the software has been dumbed down... why!? 

capturing scrolling webpages and saving multiple jpegs to a single PDF. (and the text quality is terrible on pdf exports)

an attempt to save money by sacrificing efficient functionality? 

do you market research your customers to find out what functions they like the best before tossing stuff?

don`t settle to implement simpler functions and sacrifice efficient functions along the way. thats counter productive.

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I almost lost more than $600 of payments from my contractor!!! I was using SnagIt to submit my invoices. The contractor complained that I was sending them multiple sheets of the same invoice. I had no idea what they were talking about until I opened one of the PDF files I had created with SnagIt. Horror! A capture of a one-sheet invoice was now about 5 pages long and the image was split among all of those images. So sad that I've been a SnagIt user since it first was launched and now in the 21st century all SnagIt has to show for is a lame apology and solution from Sr Software Engineer Glenn Hoepnner. Really?
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I will add my voice to the choir who don't like how the PDF saving is handled in v11 vs v8.

We need to save copies of web pages.

I'd keep using v8, but the scroll seems to be broken under Windows 7.  The scroll is fixed in v11, but the PDF saving is broken.

The issue as I see it is the "scale to page width" is defaulted in v8, but doesn't seem to work without massive editing in v11.

Basically, I want the image to auto-scale to fit to the width of the page, but it should take as many pages as it takes to fit vertically.  It seems I either have "shrink the whole thing down to one page" which results in a PDF with an insanely small image on a single page.

I wonder if the answer is capture in v11, then save in v8...
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I am a new Snag-it user and have come across this forum searching for an answer to my problem which is .... creating a pdf doc.  Reading the complaints in this post from loyal snagit users is very disappointing.  Bottom line for snagit is another, better software will come along and because snagit did not listen, and in fact DECREASED its functionality with upgrades with be the death of them.  Too bad.... advising users to go back to a prior version to get a better functionality is ludicrous!!
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I was trying to get PDF capture to work. I have been purchasing SnagIt for years and recommending it to coworkers. SnagIt 12 is like Windows 8, Needless change.  Doesn't work well. Going to look for another screen capture software. Sorry. SnagIt 12 is Junk. 
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SAME Problem.  I too am using it for legal documents and this is taking WAYYYYYYY too much time to figure out.  The print to PDF is not an option for my computer.
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Hi Roxanne,

I'm sorry you are having trouble.

Since many of the former posts are older, perhaps you can tell me what trouble you are having?
Please let me know the process you are using, what you are capturing, and what the output looks like so I can try and help out.

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