Save Production Settings For A Camtasia Studio Project

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It might just be the setup environment where I work, and if so--let me know and I will cope.  But---

I create a project.  I get everything lined up.  I go through the "Share" wizard and set the screen size, the quality, the HTML window title, the render location, etc.  Tada!  Done and fine.

I move to a second project.  I do the same thing.  All the settings that I chose in the first project are what is set by default here...including the HTML window title and render location.  Hm.  Not great, but, eh, OK.  I make new settings for project two and carry on.

Then I have to open project one to make a change.  When I go through the "Share" wizard, all the settings from project TWO are displayed!  Including the HTML window title and render location!  So I have to go back through it all and change things BACK to the way I had it for project one.

Which, of course, means any project I open next will default to project one's settings...

Isn't there a way to save the production settings as part of the project so I don't have to redo them every time?

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Posted 6 years ago

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Culver Ganem-Redd, Employee

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Thanks for posting, Damian. I can certainly understand your frustration. Camtasia Studio does indeed have a way to save a
custom set of production settings, though it will be saved as part of
Camtasia rather than on a project-by-project basis.

I've created a video to show how this process works, which you can view here:

I hope that helps solve your problem, but if not we would certainly appreciate knowing about it so that we can make sure your problem gets resolved.

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Thanks for the reply, it's good to know that we can do this.  However, it doesn't really address my need.

I do several projects, and each one has its own folder location, its own HTML page title, its own rendering location.  So (a) every time I start a new project--or revisit an old one--whatever data I used that last time I ran the renderer is what the new default is and (b) I've got to visit all those fields and forms and set it back to what I need for the project I'm looking at.

If all those things were saved as part of the file's data when I clicked the final "Produce" or "Render" button (whatever it is, I can't remember right now) then it could be saved as part of the project's data and loaded in when I load the project next time.

Something to think about, eh?

Thanks again,

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Culver Ganem-Redd, Employee

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Thank you for the clarification, Damian. I had hoped that creating a custom production preset for each project would at least help reduce the amount of work you have to do every time you start or revisit a project. That said, from the sounds of it you have a large number of projects and I can certainly see how the workaround I suggested would not scale well.

It is very good to know that a feature like defaulting to the last-used production settings that is meant to make life easier for some of our users is also causing new problems for users like yourself, so thank you for sharing your idea with us! I look forward to seeing how many other people are having similar issues and +1 your thoughts.

Thanks again for your feedback,
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John Slavinsky

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I plus one Damian's issue. It is super frustrating. Please allow me to save the project settings with the project!
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Has this issue been addressed so far? It's seems present for a long time now and it's really confusing.

Let me recap what's the problem with Production Wizard:

  1. Settings should be saved by project, not application wide.

  2. When a new project gets created, all settings for the Project Wizard should be initialized to sensitive, project related, values:

    - Production format should be the same as the last saved project.
      (I'm always deploying using WMV format only.)

    - Production profile should be the same as the last saved project.

    - Video size should default to "Editing dimensions video size"
      (Currently, no matter whether you choose this option, Camtasia Studio
      always stores the value as "Custom size", which is rather confusion.
      I don't always want to read and compare the actual values. I'd like to set
      my option to "Editing dimensions video size" permanently, no matter
      what the actual numbers are.)

    - Video Info should be initialized to the current language, time, and most
      recently saved author information. All other Video Options should be
      disabled and reset.

    - Production Name should default to project name.

    - Production Folder should default to project location.

    - Post Production Options and FTP Options should default to most
      recently used values.

  3. Production Folder should be relative to project location, so when relocating the project, the production folder will automatically move along.
    (hence, ".\Results\MyMovieClip.wmv" should be a valid path, to be used by the Browse dialog, too, if applicable.)

  4. Production Time and Language should be automatically updated every time the Production Wizard gets run.

Can you please provide a timeline when this highly requested feature will be implemented into Camtasia Studio?
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John Slavinsky

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It would be wonderful to have the ability to save project rendering info with the project. Couldn't you have a toggle in the options menu: "use last setting" or "bring in project settings" when opening a project?

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I am new to Camtasia but have used other "project" oriented video editing software. How about being able to create a Global setting that you could choose to use to add consistency to all your projects?

The settings in the project would override the Global setting if you changed them and should be stored in the project. You should have the option of reapplying the Global setting if needed.. 

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Culver Ganem-Redd, Employee

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Hey everyone,

Thank you all for bringing this topic to our attention. I'm sorry, but we cannot provide specific timelines or dates for implementing any requested feature. I certainly can empathize with how frustrating it can be to see features go requested for a long time without being implemented, but I do want you to know that we have seen your feedback and we are including this feedback as we talk about future updates and fixes in Camtasia, so please keep sharing your questions, concerns, and ideas! As soon as we have an update for you, we will post it on this thread so you all are alerted.

Have a great day,
-Culver Redd
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Add my voice to those requesting project context sensitive settings (i.e. a local folder settings file).
I run into (and trip over) this several times a day, as I am working in dozens of different projects. Seems silly that I have to keep this info in my head and make corrections with each switch to a new project. Being in software myself, this seems like a really simple fix.
Brent Beebe

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