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It would be handy if we could define a "file type default" for Save As.

Let me explain. In my workflow, I often keep two copies of each capture: (1) .snag version so that I can go back and edit the image and callouts if required; and (2) .PNG file that is needed to import the image into Word or PowerPoint.

This is inconvenient since it usually means that every time I click SaveAs, I have to manually change the type... from PNG to SNAG to PNG to SNAG, and so on. (Because I capture, save as SNAG file, then edit and save as PNG... and then start the cycle all over again.) 

What would be nice is to have SaveAs default to PNG when I'm editing a SNAG file. And, for my workflow, I'd be to have new captures default to SNAG. (Fir those who prefer the current way Snagit works, you could offer the option of picking "last chosen file type".)


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On the Mac I can drag from the Snagit filmstrip onto the Desktop which automatically converts the image into a PNG (and leaves the snag image in place). You do not mention if you are on a PC or a Mac and I do not have any clue as to whether you have that same option on PCs. But it would solve your issue/problem if you can.
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I just tested this on the PC side and it seems to work there as well. Although, I rather dislike the file name that the process decides to use!
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Dragging from the recents tray allows you to drop it not just on the desktop but also onto any folder in Windows File Explorer, so if you want to save PNGs of all your captures and organise them in some way, you can.

And of course, the "temporary file" doesn't alter the native sangit file in the library, so you are able to go back and edit it.

Personally, I don't even need to do that because most of the apps I use allow me to drop the temporary png direct into them, and do no require you load an image from file.
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When I  save a file if I  change the type (ras.jpg.pgn.etc) it makes it the default and the next time i save a file it will be the default type.

Other than that try this

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Also to the OP.

You say you are using the images in Word and PowerPoint so you can use the "Share Outputs" for Word and PowerPoint and retain the .snag in the library.

As the others above mentioned of course if you have one of those programs already open just drag and drop the image from the Recent tray.

If none of the above interests you and you want to set the default "Save as" format in Windows,
in the Editor Click the Blue Share button, then click the little gear.

Then select the "Save As Preferences..."

In the popup make your settings to your choice.


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I think they HAd this back in V11(?) You could add save as PNG, SNAG, JPG etc and just hit that button
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Don't know about the PC side but on the Mac that "strange name" is just the date/time of the screenshot. In a hurry, I can drag direct into an email then use Mac's Markup tool to add a circle or an arrow. Quick and dirty and gone in a flash!