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I believe I have found a few issues with the production wizard.

1. The last used selection under "Show me how to product my video" should save between Camtasia sessions (i.e. closing and re-opening Camtasia) if the user completed the production wizard. At the moment, it always defaults "Web".

2. Because "Add / Edit preset" opens a new dialogue box, it should not appear within the drop-down menu - this breaks usability conventions. Instead, add a button/link below the "Description" heading.

3. The "Folder" location on the final screen (where the "Finish" button appears) only saves if "Show production results" is ticked. Clearly, Camtasia should always save the last completed production folder, regardless of this tick box setting. Better still, a default folder to save in should be selectable within "Options...".

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Posted 9 years ago

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Mike Curtis, Employee

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We'll check into this. Are you using 7.1.1? (Just in case, you can click Help > Check for Updates.

Thanks for the post and detailed report.
Mike Curtis
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Yes, I'm using 7.1.1.

No problem. Just shout if you have any more questions...
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Hi David,

I looked into these issues and here is what I found:

1. This is technically by design. We remember the production setting for each project between instances of Camtasia but not for different projects. So if you produce Camproj A to the CD Preset and save your project then the next time you open Camproj A it will still be using the CD Preset. If you open Camproj A and use the CD Preset, save it, close it and then start a new project we reset the production presets list. When the production wizard was written we probably assumed that users wouldn't always be producing to the exact same path every time (I say "probably" because I wasn't around when it was created heh).

2. That's a good suggestion, the Production Wizard is one of our oldest parts of the product. We're aware of a fair amount of usability issues with it and are doing a lot of user testing to identify others.

3. This is technically a bug, although it's likely been like this forever so I'd call it more of an oversight in the original design. I can log this and see if we can get it addressed in a future release.

I'll forward your post along to our Product Manager so he can see the request from your second item. If you have any other ideas/requests please feel free to share them here.

Brad Rush
Camtasia Studio Lead QA
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Thanks again.

Regarding item 1, I think it will benefit more people if the preset was always the 'last used', than resetting. If they always use the 'Web' preset all the time and it 'saves' their last used preset, they'll still be happy anyway.

Anyway, you could always play it safe and have a tick box underneath with the label "Make this my default preset".

My background is in usability so if you are interested in me pricing up a full audit of any part of the application, like the Production Wizard, please drop me an email:
david.miller (at) north-square [dot] com

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Regarding 1 above...this is still apparent in CS8 but now it defaults (between projects) to "Share to". I can't think this is the best default option. Allowing the user to set this in the options would be good, and you could have a tickbox under the drop-down:
"Make this my default production setting"
....which should NOT be ticked on default

Regarding 2 above...this is still apparent.

Regarding 3 above, this 'bug' is still apparent in CS8.

I'm kinda pleased this bug exists for the time being because it means I have a method of being able to choose what my default folder is. However, like I say, I would allow users to set this in the "Options...".

Additionally, below the "Folder" field, you could have a tickbox:
"Make this my default folder"
....which should NOT be ticked on default
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USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! You can hack the registry to change this setting.

Exit all Camtasia applications
Browse to
Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\TechSmith\Camtasia Studio\8.0\Camtasia Studio\8.0
Change CreateProductionFolder from 1 to 0
The next time Camtasia Studio starts it should use these registry entries.

Similarly ProductionFolderMru seems to control the Folder path.

Haven't found a setting yet to control the Production Wizard video format drop down yet.


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