Scaling issue (Resize a video)

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Hi, my resolution is 1920x1080.
When I add a full HD video, I would like to resize it to 33,3%.
(This has different reasons.)

The one way is to click on the right down corner and to drag the mouse.
This is a bit difficult and time-spending.

The other way is to enter the scalling value in the properties.
In the properties of the window it says Scalling 100%, by default.
When I want to change this value to 33.3% (instead of resizing the video with the mouse),
it doesn't work.
It makes 333% out of it, not 33,3%!
I also tried 33.3, but it's the same.

Is this some bug or am I doing something wrong?

P.S: I use Camtasia 9 on Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit with a German keyboard.
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Posted 2 years ago

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Curious — is the 33.3% value also the size of the project canvas?

If so, could you simply drag the corners and let the video snap to canvas corners?

Otherwise, it may be that decimal value is not being accepted?

I am not at my PC just now, but will check this out soon.
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If I am understanding you want to scale the video down to 33.3% of 100%

If yes I can say it works for me. US ( English) keyboard

Just click once in the Properties Scale field and type in 33.3  (Thats a period) and hit enter.
Don't need to type the % sign.

That will only scale the video though not the canvas.

If you want the canvas to match the video size

Make sure the video is centered on the canvas. Click on the video and drag till you have the center crosshairs.

Then right-click on the canvas and select "Project Settings".
In the Canvas Dimensions drop down,  Click on "Fit To Visible"

The canvas should now be the same size as the video and will render out at the video size.

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Hi, I want to have several videos being played all at once.
So I would have for example 9 videos whose video size/dimension would be 33.3%.
All 9 together would have the size of one full hd video.

As said, when I just type 33.3, it makes 333 out of it.
Same for 33,3.

Dragging the with the mouse is not a good working method.
Takes a) time and b) needs to be done very accurately.

If I resize it by dragging it with the mouse it gets for example a scale value of 42.6%.
When I then want to make a 7 out of the 6, it again makes 427 out of it, not 42.7
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I clicked on my video in the canvas to make it active.
Then I type 33.3 in the % field in the upper right and hit enter and it works every time.
I changed to different %s  just as a test, still works.
I am using 9.1.1. 
I discovered that if I do not click the video on the canvas or the timeline
that it tries to scale the canvas Not the video.

If this is not working for you I would suggest putting in a ticket with tech support.
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Bob Lewis, what are your region settings?
Would be interesting if you're German and don't have the problem.

Maybe it's a bug because on a German keyboard the dot and period are not the same as on an English keyboard.
Or better said in German we use , (comma), not a . (dot).
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Bob Lewis

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I use the Numeric Keypad. I can also use the . that is under the > key ( same key with shift )
The period or dot is under the > ( greater than or right arrow key ) on my non-German keyboard.

Maybe you could use 33% on some and 34% on others if the decimal/dot/period does not work for you.

I wish Camtasia had scrolling arrows next to some of the boxes but they would need to scroll in tenths rather than whole numbers like the up and down arrow keys do, if you have clicked in the box, to do what you need.

If it is not working for you, You might want to contact TechSmith Support.
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Well, it would be even possible to use for all videos 33% and to place them close together.
This means you would have a small border around the whole video.
It's almost not noticable and better than having black lines between all the videos.

But even this is not possible because you would always need comma values for the video positions.
So if all videos were 33%, some of their positions would be X = 633,6, Y = 356,4.
And here the same problem occurs: Camtasia makes 6,336.0 and 3,564.0 out of them :(

Another guy (from Sweden) seems to have the same issue:
"Incorrect handling of decimals: the UI seems to use the American way of writing decimal numbers with a point exclusively, but it accepts input only in the current locale (with a comma in Sweden) which means that it gets the input wrong when people use the point they see in the current number."

It was posted ONE YEAR AGO.
Come on, developers, it can't be that difficult to fix that issue...
(I'm sure they or responsible guys read these forums.)