Schedule start and stop times for video recording

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(This idea is something we’ve heard from customers over time from several of our sources of feedback. We’re posting it here to gauge how well this fits our users’ needs. So please let us know what you think.)

It would be great to be able to schedule both a start and stop time for a video recording. This would be particularly useful for when there is a webinar and you won't be at your desk for either the start or end. Right now if you start a recording, you either have to do it way before and then stop it way after the webinar is done. Leaving tons of blank video for you to cut off and you run the risk of something going wrong on the computer that would ruin the recording.
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Chris Larson, Snagit Technical Product Manager

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Posted 3 years ago

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Not just the risk of something going wrong, but the length of time it akes to process the video and save it.  The amount of time runs into hours and hours! That is the reason. But thank you for adding the option of scheduling a start and end time.
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The timer will be a great tool and will be productive to the users

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But, we don't want to create a desire for soemthing that couold take months. I am quite an impatienty guy who values his time. So perhaps 2 stages if the times is more difficult. First stage setting a start and ending time. Second stage using a timer.
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until now nothing on the snaggit
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Usually when one edits a video there is usually a "start time" and an "end time" so the dual boxes are useful. when one is recording a streaming movie, then activating a timer is easy. Video Editors give you a choice of "Mark In" and "Mark Out"

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I would really like to see the ability to switch between different computer monitors when recording a video. So during the first couple of minutes, I could record monitor 1, then during the next few minutes, I could record monitor 2, then monitor 3.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Timer to stop video recording.

In Snag it 2018. When recording screen video, to be able to set a auto stop: 15-30-45-60 minutes or adjustable.
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This is highly disappointing that a Record Timer is not being planned. I have discussed this feature as an idea every time a new version is released, and NO TIMER! There have been several discussions from different people requesting this feature. What numbers from others do we need to have this considered. Do I need to start a petition on these boards.
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I agree I get the feeling that SnagIt is falling behind what is necessary in this global era.  Many of use must be tuning into webinars throughout the day, often aired at inconvenient times. It would make things easier for me if I could preset the webinar to record and end.  I think the issue of the longer than 1 hour recording time should be focussed on first as I currently set the start but cant sit at the pc for a 2-3 hours recording and risk it being lost, which is what happened to me yesterday