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I have a customer that is having problems uploading our SCORM 1.2 files. She is saying that her LMS is looking for the "index.html" launch file. However, Camtasia is not providing me with a file that matches that name. I have had many customers use our SCORM files with no issue. Is anything able to point to which file in the image is the equivalent to what she is looking for?
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When producing your output files in Camtasia with the "Share" button. By choosing "Local File" and Recommended Output = MP4.  This will produce the appropriate HTML5 files.  The landing page .html will have the name of your project.html e.g.  football_game.html and not index.html.  If you wanted to, you could rename your project to index or just rename the project.html to index.html but this may confuse other associated files.  Index.html is typically a reserved html page for the front page of a website, so you should not be naming html files to index.html, unless it is your home webpage.
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The file you are looking for in your post image would be the LossAversion-2017 (not the LossAversion-2017_player) with the Google Chrome icon next to it.

You don't have your computer set to show file extensions so it can be hard to know what files are what that way.

You can rename the LossAversion-2017.html to index.html with no problem with it associating to the other smartplayer files. It is just the main/landing page but just links to the LossAversion-2017_player page which is where everything really happens.

That being said you DO NOT what to change the LossAversion-2017_player page to index.html.

Alternatively you can just give the link of yourwebsite.***/ foldername/LossAversion-2017.html


I would have to respectfully disagree with you on some of your post.

A index.html page has many uses and is not reserved for just a home page.

For example:

When linking to a folder such as a Camtasia produced smartplayer folder.

When you link to a folder ie;  the browser first looks for a index.html or index.php or a few other index.*** .

Without a index.*** of some type all the files in that folder are viewable to anyone that has the link to the folder.

Thus a index.*** is important.

If you rather have your link to the original .html file ( ) because of SEO reasons you should IMO still have a index.html or index.php redirect page in the folder so someone just going to the folder won't be able to see all your files in that folder.

I do this on not all but many of my hosted folders.

Do you have a images folder on your host with bunches of images in it?

If I find the location of that folder and you don't redirect me which is easy with a index.*** file or block my access (which is of course another more involved option) than I can see and take your images if I wanted.

This is one use of a index.*** file.  There are many other uses also.


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When you export the final video as a SCORM you choose the option of creating the ZIP file. It is the one you upload into your LMS. It chooses automatically the .html ini file.