Screencast compared to Youtube or Vimeo?

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Can any subscribers to Screencast do a compare and contrast to the other personal video streaming services?

The reason I ask is when I go to the Screencast product page, the information is kind of generic, and frankly, it doesn't sound very different from YouTube.  I have the free account and have even used it in support of a question I had posted in this forum, so I know it is useful for sharing with other TechSmith customers on technical issues.  

But I don't really have a good grasp as to why I might be willing to pay a monthly or annual fee for the enhanced product.  So my questions are:
  1. What does it do for you that you can't get from other services?
  2. Where is it weakest in your eyes?
  3. If one produces a video with Camtasia, is the Screencast captioning of any value?
  4. I don't know, at this point, if I would be a high volume producer, or a low volume producer of video.  I see myself producing video in support of a blogspot based photography blog, would that make a difference in your mind?
  5. Knowing what you know now, would you subscribe again?
Any advice you guys can offer would be greatly appreciated.
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Posted 3 years ago

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One thing ScreenCast offers is the ability to just upload your video and have interactive things just work. For example, if your video has a caption that pauses playback and allows the user to click to go visit a web site, you can easily do it. But you have to jump through hoops to make something like that happen with YouTube and I would assume Vimeo too.

Along those lines is the Quizzing aspect that can be used. Can't do it on YouTube or Vimeo, but it's easy on ScreenCast.

As for subscribing, I suppose it depends on your needs. For example, how much video are you preparing to upload? You have to upgrade ScreenCast once you reach a limit.

Hopefully that was helpful... Rick :)
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I have been using for about 5-6 years, primarily as a platform for internal review of training videos before I deploy them to YouTube. It's been really handy to have for a variety of purposes. I did use the free version for a while; by the time I got to year three I really needed the bandwidth.
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This is a bit late to your question but we just published a pretty detailed article comparing screencast, youtube, and vimeo.
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This is one of the most even-handed essays I've ever read.  Well done!