What's the fastest way to capture text from scrolling menus in Snagit 2019?

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I have just upgrade to SnagIt 2019 - big mistake on my part.

I need to capture a variety of drop down text boxes for a complex Help file project I am working on. In earlier incarnations this was a very easy process, a few clicks, and the list appeared as text in the Snagit editor.

Not now!  SnagIt tech support tell me that we now have to take a vertical Panoramic capture, and then use their OCR option.  This positively SUCKS! (Meaning "SomeUnknownCrazyKonundrum in theSystem."

I pay for software to make my job easier, not have some idiot make it harder.

All I can say it that thank goodness I can still use version 10, though for how long, goodness only knows!
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Posted 1 year ago

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George. I just tried it using the 10 second delay and it captured the menu nest just fine. IF you want the text in a text file you will alway have to use the grab text feature and make a preset. I took the Imae preset, turned on the time delay to 10 second, then changed IMAGE to GRAB TEXT and saaved it with a different name
THEN ... I used it and took the 10 seconds to expand a menu  getting a graphics shot of the menu followed by the rendering of the text.

Try to build your own but if you have trouble,  I exported mine and will leave it here for a couple of days
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Rick.  Many thanks for your advice. I have downloaded, but will have to go over things in detail to try and see where I am going wrong.
In version 10, this was soooo easy.
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Donning my 20+ year hat as a help file developer here.

Why are the menus desired as text? Localization perhaps?

I ask because all my captures have always been images stored in the help documentation.

Cheers... Rick :)
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We use Madcap's Flare, and do extensively use screen shots, even though the main Project is software for producing braille.

At the moment we are doing some serious work where we use Snippets to build and edit Topics covering over 140 languages world-wide. (Thankfully in English)

There are 339 language Topics in total, where we first need to ensure that the appropriate snippets link to the correct topics.  So the first reason for wanting text lists is to use Excel or Word tables which allow sorting in a variety of ways.  Verification is then so much easier.

In the resultant helpfile.chm we need to also produce lists.  Since many users are also blind and rely on speech output, an image of a list (even with Alt Text) is as much use as a chocolate teapot. Hence we copy and paste the text into Flare where appropriate.

Regular screen shots of dialogs are less of a problem, as we do have to explain in detail what each component of a dial does.  So Alt Text simply saying "Image of Layout dialog described below." is quite acceptable.

Of course this additionally must comply with Section 508 and other accessibility regulations across the world where braille is produced using the software we are involved with.

Hope this makes sense.

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Hi George,

I'm sorry you are less than thrilled with your purchase of Snagit 2019. You can go here to see how to get a refund on your purchase. https://support.techsmith.com/hc/en-us/articles/203732668-TechSmith-Return-PolicyIf you are still in the trial mode of the new version, you can easily uninstall that and return to using V10.

I can understand how you must feel after seeing one of your most used features was changed. It has been awhile since we released V10 and there have been a LOT of changes to Snagit since then. But, this is why we have a 15 day, free trial - so up-graders and new users can see if the current version suits their needs.

The new versions always install alongside your old, so you can easily go back to using V10. And, we are happy that version is exactly what you need to create your help files.

If you search through this forum, you will see there has been a lot of discussion about the text capture feature. For many people, the old text capture no longer worked. The under pinning of software, browsers, web pages, and other areas where text can be captured had changed significantly since we first created text capture. That old technology was no longer a reliable or sustainable solution that would grow with Snagit into future versions. So, no, it doesn't work like it used to because we created a new feature with new technology, new interface, new capabilities, etc.

There is a way for you to still capture your menus that is the same as before. And, we still support menu and sub menu capture. Once you take your capture, within the Editor, right-click the image and capture the text. I understand this is a change in your workflow, but it works.

If you set up the menu capture and save it as a profile, you will be able to achieve the same capture in about the same amount of time. Plus, you will also have the image for your records and if you ever need to include it in your Flare files.

Also, I would like to take a minute and briefly mention our community guidelines in case you (or others) have not had a chance to read them. We appreciate when people come to this site to ask questions, report trouble they are having, and even push back on a feature they don't like or a decision they don't agree with. What we don't appreciate is when people come here and resort to name calling, put downs, etc. We really believe you can make your point and get help without resorting to that behavior.

Our intent is to have a community based on mutual respect and common courtesy. We will never call you an idiot (or anything else), and likewise, we don't want you to call other users or people who work at TechSmith the same.