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I think it would be really helpful if multiple callouts could be selected at the same time and then edited or resized or positioned. Only properties of the selected callouts that are changed while they are selected get changed, the other ones remain as they were.

That allows to select a bunch of callouts and then e.g. change the color, or the X/Y location, while other properties like e.g. text remain unchanged.
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Posted 9 years ago

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Hi Erik,

I've been in this position before too and can appreciate your idea.

To probe a little further, we'd like to better understand your workflow. Do you typically have videos with a number of callouts on the screen at the same time?

Or, are you also talking about being able to select multiple callouts on the timeline and somehow apply new characteristics or sizing to all of them at the same time?

I shouldn't put words in your mouth, but at least the way I understand it now, it sounds a bit like you want to have "Group" like functionality I see in some graphic programs.
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The video's I create have multiple lines of callouts, often I have two or three callouts visible at the same time.

And I also have multiple callouts after each other (time wise).

The callouts on Callout line 5 contain the titles that are displayed in the blue rounded rectangle. The ones on line 4 (and 8) contains the smaller text below it Say I want to move that rectangle (the one on line 7) and the text in it to a different location on screen, e.g. the upper left corner of the graph area of my application. then I have to move them one by one by selecting them and entering new X and Y coordinates in their edit screens. How nice it would be if I could select all these callouts and then enter the new position just once. Or change them all at once from blue to green?

Or, I decide that I want to show that whats happening at position 0:57 a second later and all what's happening after it as well, now I have to shift each callout (and audio snippet) to the right manually, starting at the right, one by one, having to reposition them again. It would be ideal if I could select those I want to shift on the time line and then drag them all to the left or right, keeping their mutual relation intact.
I accidentally found out that this can be done on the audio track, using shift while dragging an audio snippet, the snippets later in time move along then. Why just on audio and not on a callout track?
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Thanks for the suggestion, the screenshot, and the extra detail about what you're trying to accomplish. This helps us to develop better solutions. Your feature request is duly noted.
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i`m of the same groove,

ability to select multiple callouts, and then change their duration or fade in/out options with one pop up dialog box is a huge time saver.

something else i`ve noticed, I have updated my Tools/Options to make callout duration 1 second.

but when I add new callouts, they are still 2.01 seconds? and there is no option in general settings for fade duration.

I would also like to be able to shift select a string, or ctrl select multiple callouts saved in the library, and adjust their duration and fade.

I think Erik would agree another useful feature when using callout heavy tutorials (and I have over 100 callout images and text, and counting) is ability to shift or ctrl select multiple callouts on a callout track, or across callout tracks, then drag them left or right, without affecting any other tracks (callouts, video, audio).

you could allow a grouping feature for this perhaps.

as when working with callout groups, you often want to shift a set of them or create a new set from existing scattered callouts, then adjust them as one, be it duration or position on the time line of that new group.

if you create a new group from callouts scattered along multiple time lines, they would default into a new time line as an option. Not sure how you want to do this.
you could put them in a new time line, or make it grouped to the top or bottom time line, i`m not fussed on that. or have a time line for groups only.

so flexibility and speed here are the issues.
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Great suggestions. Thanks for the feedback.
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Official Response
Hi Eric,

In Camtasia Studio 8, we've added the ability to select and edit multiple callouts at the same time. We've also added grouping, which is a way to keep media together so that they can be moved around as a single unit. Grouped media move together both on the timeline as well as in the preview window.

By the way, here's our "What's New in Camtasia Studio 8" page:

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How can I change the text color of multiple callouts? Selecting them and changing the color changes all the callouts to the same text.
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I would like to select multiple callouts and edit their length all at once, like when they all end in case I've made them all appear too long.
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Has there been a solution for adding 2 spotlights on the same screen without graying both out?

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I'd echo Dan T.'s question above. This feature would be great - is there any way to add more than one distinct spotlight?

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