Setting In/Out Points in Camtasia with Keyboard

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Background: Today, the playhead comes equipped with a green and red tab that
aids the user in making timeline selections. The user drags the green tab to where they want to start their selection and the red tab to where they want to end it. This functionality is essentially setting in/out points.

Problem: With 1440p and 4k displays, this part of the UI can be comparatively difficult for users to click with their mouse. For power users, using the mouse more than the keyboard can be restrictive and less efficient.  

Proposed solution: Allow users to map this functionality to the keyboard (e.g., “I” and “O”_), IN ADDITION to the existing functionality. For instance, when the user presses “I” on their keyboard, the green “start selection” tab will stay with at the current position of the playhead. When the users presses “O” on their keyboard, the red “end selection” tab will move to wherever the playhead currently is.

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I like the concept.
I would support a different set of keyboard shortcuts.
I and O are traditional in and out points.
Which Camtasia needs to adopt one day. Adding full clips to the timeline when you only need a snippet is Very Old School.

The Red and Green handles can be difficult to grab on smaller monitors as well.
The playhead gets grabbed instead of the handle.Thats the biggest problem for me.

Then, to top it off.
When fine tuning adjustments.
If you move a sliding handle without the playhead attached to it.
The canvas remains static.
Slider movements provide no visual feedback.
So, you're editing blind. Going nowhere.

When you switch between handles, you have to play musical chairs with the Playhead to get that visual feedback.
I touched base on this in a thread just yesterday. Mentioning theres a problem with the selection process.
Than got hammered for it. LOL

You got my vote

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I don't work with 1440p and 4k displays, so I don't have experience with that issue; but I agree the green/red handles can be problematic; I experience it on my 1920x1080

my solution ... add a marker where you want the green "in" point; move playhead down timeline to your "red" out point; use ctrl-shift-] to make that selection; green will be at the in point, red at out point; optional ... add a marker at "out" point before making the selection