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If it comes to using Snagit with Dropbox, will it be possible to generate short links instead of the long ones that do not look very well?

I mean: (not looking very nice...)

If you do not offer such solution atm, do you plan on introducing one and when? Thanks!

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Posted 2 years ago

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It will be interesting to see if TechSmith replies to this and what they have to say.

I understand that in many cases "short links" are viewed with critical suspicion, as they could literally lead anywhere. The suspicion is because of the fact that bad actors can create web pages with scripts that do harm to your computer and suchlike. And a short link allows them to disguise that to a certain extent.

Cheers... Rick :)
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They could be viewed like this, that's true, although in my case, we are sending screenshots/ videos to clients, with some instructions in them, etc. and short links look muuuuch better.
I used to use a different software for screenshots and I had it integrated with Dropbox too - short links were possible there hence my question.

cheers! :)
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I'm going to go out on a limb here but I think the only way Techsmith could do this is to either partner with a url shortener service like or the likes.

Google shortener is no longer in service and is/has changed to a different service more focused on linking to apps and mobile.

Then does Techsmith make all the share options in Snagit be able to shorten urls or only a few?
I would venture to say they wouldn't invest that amount of effort in to that type of option.
But that's my thoughts on it only Techsmith can say for sure

Sad thing is Dropbox offered a url short link but has also discontinued it. If that was still in place than getting a short link for a Dropbox share would most likely be possible.

Best you can do is run your link(s) through or another service or use a self hosted solution like Pretty Links or YOURLS at this point that I can see.


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When I need a short link I go to A tad bit of extra work but it pays off in successful distribution of functional link.
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We used to use Dropbox's short url option, but unfortunately they removed their support for short links a while back. I would encourage you to request that they add it back!