Should I use a chroma key portable background for chair and lights? If so which kind?

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I want to do chroma key while I'm taking video with Camtasia 2018 and upload them as tutorials online. Does anyone have a portable chroma key background they recommend for this purpose? In addition, I would need lights. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

Thank you.
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There are a lot of options on Amazon if you search for "Chroma green screen" these appear to range from pull up screens, to something for the back of an office chair to the more traditional hung from a rod held up by two poles systems.

Lighting is really challenging. 

Today I think the Multi color LED light panels have come down in price enough that those are your best bet.

Look for the Neewer 2 packs Dimmable Bi-Color 480 LED video light and stand lighting kit on Amazon to get a rough idea. (I don't own this, but it seems to have good customer feedback and the price is right)

For lighting the bi-color is crucial if you are going to supplement room lighting - the bi-color lights will let you blend the light color to match the room color.

Also, while I didn't call it out here, avoid Cheap CFL setups, they are not worth the savings, you can't collapse them without removing the bulbs, they are hard to color match, and they really aren't as bright as you might want.

Finally, be aware that lighting greenscreens is sometimes tricky - you typically want a light or two to light the greenscreen, and then another 2 lights to light your subject.  Ideally you want enough space between the greenscreen and your subject that you avoid "light bleed" which is where the green color reflects from the screen on to your subject.

- Jack
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Jack gave you the quality answer. Here's the cheap answer.

Type DIY Greenscreen or DIY Video Light Kit into YouTube. Here is the cheapest alternative you'll find:

Personally I hate using fabric (or plastic table cloth!) for the background, because folds and wrinkles always cause problems. My preference is to paint a wall green, or a piece of drywall that can be set against the wall.

The real issue is lighting. Jack didn't mention lights for the chroma key background, which is the hard part. You need super even light across the background.

How do you hang the lights? Light kits have tripods. Cheap guys use duct tape to attach lights to closet doors and teenagers. I have four of these lights, they work great for $22 each.

Minimum kit: four Neewer $22 video lights.

Better kit: two Neewer $22 lights for the background, Jack's recommended light kit for the talent.

Even better kit: add two more video lights and turn out the room lights. Remember, the hard part is getting the screen lighting even. 

Paintless background: pop-up greenscreen for $55 I've used these, they are not bad but you may have to iron a crease out from time to time. 

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I'm rather fond of skipping irons and acquiring a small hand held steamer for such activities. One can typically source one of these from a local thrift shop!

And, if you look at Amazon, they are pretty inexpensive there if you want totally new. ;)