Show Active Mic Name in UI

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(This idea comes what we’ve heard here in this community as well as from other customer feedback methods we utilize. The feedback we gather here will help us gauge how well it fits our users’ needs. Please let us know what you think)

The Problem
Knowing which mic is active requires using the mic drop down. It would save time to display the mic name in the recorder UI
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David D, Technical Product Manager - Camtasia

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Posted 2 years ago

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Yes, this will be helpful.

Ed Burckhardt
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Having some greater control over the mic's boost would be nice too. I'm using an Audio Technica ATR1200 USB mic. It sounds just fine, but the levels are always low. I have to make everything 200% every time. I'd like to be able to set this once and forget it.
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Yes! I try to always check which mic I'm using before I record, but the one time I forget is the time it magically switches to the built-in mic. Take ruined.
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Just don't use too much screen space while showing mic name: e.g. 8 characters Max.
My main mic comes in through a digital mixer source its name is - 
"Behringer UMC404HD 192k 24b" - That's a mouthful and certainly does not tell the whole story about its use.

For example, the mike (audio source) may be either an at2035 or another audio technica lapel mic or both or some other digital mix without a name - Typically I record at 48 kHz and 24 bit to give me a good quality master. If I want to crunch it a lot in post production I'll go even higher in digitizing rate if the tool allows.
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David D, Technical Product Manager - Camtasia

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Official Response
We've updated the the status of this idea to Not Planned.

Thanks for submitting this idea and to those that added their votes. Due to the number of higher priority items we’ll be addressing ahead of this idea, we are not planning to address the idea at this time. If it’s suggested in future roundups and priority rises, we’d reevaluate its priority.