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Wish the color picker could show hex values somewhere. I sometimes want to select a color from a screen capture to use in a css file. I end up going elsewhere to convert the rgb values or have to open the image in Photoshop.
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Posted 8 years ago

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It would be super helpful if the color picker and the custom color offered the HEX values as well.

See examples.

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Color option provides HEX info in addition to RGB.
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I vote for hex too. I create UI's for devs and designers. They're looking for hex codes, not RGB or HSL.
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Great idea! Make sure you are sending all your friends and colleagues here to +1 the idea as well!
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I am disappointed that Snagit 12 still force me to have 2-3 extra tools (browser and local) running in order to edit screenshots / images for my blogs for hex codes.

Given how many people use snagit as the swiss knife for web work, this should have been on the list years ago. 

Extra tools: Eye color picker, after snaging a photo, then a tool giving out the rgb, then editing the three values back and forth ... local work requires uploading to a web server sincemost of the tools don't work on local pages. That is the point when I usually leave snagit and work in a normal tool. And there is no need for it. 
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It is about time that Techsmith implements this. I often need Hex Color values from a website.
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+1 yep... this is needed
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definitely need this.
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+1 definitely need capability to display colors as hex, throughout SnagIt
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This is just a post to let you know we are listening. And, I have sent this request on to those who make the decisions concerning a feature like this.

Also, I completely understand your need for a feature like this - I want it as well!

Thank you for your feedback and for using Snagit.

User Assistance Team
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Listening? for 2 years?  

What is the good reason for not adding this basic tool of interoperability?   Tech Smith isn't trying to make interoperability difficult on purpose, are you?  You have the colors, you are using them.  Not making them visible when its requested so long seems deliberate.
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Am I understanding correctly?  Hex and/or rgb readout of color is not in the product?  That sucks a lot.
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Need this badly... sick and tired of using an external rgb-to-hex converter all the time. Please add as soon as possible.
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OMG .... this is such an obvious need. The product is great!..... I get slowed down everytime I have to convert from snagit RGB to Hex. 

As an aside... a great way to implement is to allow an eyedropper  with right-click for "copy-to-clipboard" hex color......

We are developers and I get there are always implications to updates. So this is just my 2-cents..... Love the product, great job!
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Hi all

Until such time as SnagIt might incorporate such a feature, there's a really super handy (and free!) tool that can be used to gather hex values and convert them if need be. It uses my favorite method of the eyedropper.

The tool is called ColorCop and you can find it at the link below. (It's saved my bacon on a number of occasions!)

Click here to visit the ColorCop site

Cheers... Rick :)

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