Similar to "Smart Move" but for Translation Support

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We are trying to find a tool that would help us localize images. We support 16 languages in our product documentation, and we use a lot of images from our product, but finding a tool and a good process to localize images isn't easy, and for now we have kept most of our images in English only.

SnagIt does indeed offer a Translation feature. If you save your image as a .snag image with movable text labels, you can export that image and labels are exported in an .xlf format for translators to localize.

But one difficulty we have is in pre-processing the image. You have to visually locate the strings in the static image; manually select those strings and delete them; paint bucket in the background; then manually re-type the strings as separate text labels with the the same font that they had. Once all that's done, you can finally click Translate to export the strings. A faster approach would be helpful.

Today I stumbled across Smart Move I was hoping I could use it for localizing images and easier pre-processing of image files for localization. It doesn't quite work with text as advertised even after playing with the slider. (In my experience Smart Move either converts too much text--all the letters in a word as separate draggable text labels--or it can't quite find the text). Smart Move is useful for what it does, but it isn't really suited for localization prepping of an image.

But it seems like it's close to what I need. I wonder how hard it would be for development to create a similar option to recognize and convert text into sensible phrases for localization purposes.

Another related request would be to allow some way to batch export prepared images for localization. Then once localized, batch import the localized .xlf files and create the localized images in one pass.
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Hi Jared, there are 2 other tools Snagit offers that might help you get closer to what you are looking for right now. They are Grab Text and Edit Text found in the right click context menu. Grab Text copies the text out of either the capture or the text you encircle using the Selection tool.  But I think the Edit Tool may come closer to what you are looking for. Using the Section tool, select the text you want to change and while selected, right click the mouse and choose Edit Text. The text is "liberated" from the image and can be edited. The background is blended as if you used the Auto-Fill option of the Selection tool. I'm not sure if this is the solution you are looking for, but it may help you move forward more quickly for the time being!

Good luck! Julie Neil