Simple video editor and / or some simple editing added to Snagit - or Jing

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I test software and really love using Jing and Snagit to record short little videos of what i'm doing to reproduce a bug/crash on the applications I'm testing... in some cases it makes it so much easier to show the developer than to try and write out bug report. The only thing I'm missing now is a simple video editor. I'm sure Camtasia is a great product and well worth it's price. I've thought about downloading the demos, but my depart isn't going to spend the money on it. I'm looking for something very simple, mostly what I want to do is truncate the video in the middle or at the end. I run into space requirements when uploading to our Fogbugz database - we have a 10 mb limit on attachments. I also sometimes end up recording long periods of a progress bar (usually while I'm multitasking), that could be cut out. The only other thing that I would really use is the ability to add an arrow to several frames of the video so that it's easier to point out the defect, since I don't record audio.

Personally I'd like to see this functionality added to Snagit or Jing, but another application like a simpler / cheaper version of Camtasia would be great. I have a feeling I'm not the only one that would like a simple video editor with a handful of options, especially one with great integration within the TechSmith family of products
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I would LOVE to have trim/edit capabilities. I don't need the arrow or callout feature though (and probably neither do you). There are lots of products that will let you do that while you're recording. Check out Zoomit , use the Draw feature to call attention to something.
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Love, love, love the ability to excise portions of video capture in the 12.4.1 Snagit . Thank you!

Would love to have the ability for simple annotation of video, but don't have the $$ to spring for Camtasia.
I'd love to have
* add a little "explosion" on recording when I mouse click to make it more visible where I clicked.
* add text in a box, arrows, obscure, etc. The basic Snagit tools (with duration)
* add a still frame that I can annotate with usual Snagit tools (and run for x seconds)

Thanks for your time,

ps, I prefer the Mac layout a bit more. Stuff is more visible without clicking on windows and opening down.
pps. I think, in the Windows edition, that the tools should default scroll to the "Custom" styles on opening Snagit. I shouldn't have to scroll down. After all, I made them custom because I like them! Alternatively, have the custom stuff at the TOP of the lists, rather than the bottom

Maybe a Camtasia lite extension for Snagit?