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I need the transparent option in Background for the Simplify Text tool.

I want to blank out text that is in fields and have to do these all individually as the coloured background goes over the field boxes.

With a coloured background, I get this:

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Posted 1 year ago

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Have you tried Image (in the top left navigation)  > Canvas Color (almost the last one) > then in the color drop down choose transparent then click ok.

Give that a look-see and let me know if I'm close to what you are looking for.

- Steve D.
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Hi Steve

The canvas is underneath my screen shot, so it doesn't come into the equation here.
I don't know how to take a screen shot of SnagIt, so I'll try to explain.

When using the Simplify tool I select the 'Left align text' option and drag over the fields I want to blank the text out on. In the Tool Properties there is an option for Fill, Shape, and Background. In this Background option there doesn't appear to be a transparent option. It is here that I need it, so the background of the simplified text doesn't cover over the field boxes. 

I hope that helps explain it?

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This is a good idea. I voted for it.

This isn't the answer you are looking for but it may help with the time to edit the simplify

Try (if you haven't already) to use the "Auto Simplify"

At least for me it fills just the text boxes.
You may have to play with the Details slider to get the results you desire.

Now this will simplify the whole document capture so if there are places you don't want the fill to cover something you can click on those spots and just click delete or backspace to remove them.

If you hold the "Shift key" you can select multiple spots and remove them all at once.

To make it easier to know what to keep and what not to keep Click on the "Show Details" check box and adjust the opacity to see through the fill shapes.

Now the spots you what to keep the fill but just cover the text, click on the fill shape and click and drag one of the grab handles and adjust it's size/length.

When you are done editing make sure to Un-Check the Show Details option so the fill shapes are back to full opacity.

Still a little work but may be faster than one by one adding the fill shape to each text field.


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WRT your comment about not knowing how to take a screenshot of SnagIt, the answer is in SnagIt Capture > File> Capture Preferences > Capture Tab.  Make sure the "Hide SnagIt when capturing" box is unchecked
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Thanks Dubie and Paul. I'll give those a try. The Auto Simplify was not the easiest to use with all the different sized things on the screen - and didn't work well on the vertical text or the tool bar buttons. Still some work to go I think. I love the idea of this tool though. I'd really like to see it in Camtasia!