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Hello All,
i am new to camtasia. I try to create a movie with single pictures (700 pieces). The pictures are renderings, created out of a CAD System.

How can i speedup the movie to get 24 fps - normaly the pictures stand for 4 seconds?!

Long Story short, if i had 24 pictures the running time shouldt be 1 second - or am i wrong?

Who can help me?
Regards from germany
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Posted 1 year ago

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I have to cover this quickly because I have to run out the door and take care of some things.

1. Camtasia is hardwired to 30 frames per second or 60 frames per second. 24 frames per second is not possible.

2. In order to import a image sequence. There are a series of steps that can make this possible. You cannot import image sequences in the traditional manner but you can get it done.

A. Go into preferences and set image import duration to 0.1

B. Image sequences must be numbered in the proper order for this to work.

In the example below I have imported a 30 frames per second image sequence. The duration assigned to each image is three frames per second. This is the lowest duration possible. Due to the fact that Camtasia is limited to 0.1 as an import duration for images.

So for your next step. You need to select all your images and right-click them and select add clip speed. It will take Camtasia a while to apply clip speed to all of the images.

For the duration. Set it to times 3. This will bring the duration of every frame to one frame per second.

I hope this is enough information for you as I will be gone for a few hours.

Regards, Joe

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how long do you want each picture to show in the video?

basically, you set the duration of the pictures to whatever you want

you can do this before they are added to timeline by changing value in edit/preferences menu, timings tab

at 6 seconds, 10 pictures will take 1 minute to view in the produced video
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I think I understand your question. So you if the picture on the timeline is showing for 4 seconds then you can right click on the picture. Select duration and set the time for the image. I believe you can set it to 0.1. Is that what you are trying to achieve?
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You can also set the duration before moving the individual pictures to the timeline. This accomplishes a "batch" duration setting workaround. Before placing the pictures on the timeline, go to Edit > Preferences > Timing > Default Duration > Images > 0.1 seconds (for example). This will not accomplish 24 fps, but it gets you closer by the image duration. You will need to figure out the clip speed and output frame rate--be aware Camtasia does not support 24 fps output--to get closer still to the effect you want. Please post back and let us know what you come up with. I'm interested in the outcome.
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try this ...

in properties, set image duration to 1 sec

send all images to timeline; total project duration should be 700 seconds [11 min 40 sec]

select all clips and apply clip speed adjustment property; set speed factor to 24; this will speed up clips so they run at 24/sec

note: I can't test this as I'm producing a large, complex project; there may be a limit on the maximum speed factor you can apply?
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Thanks to all... i got it!

I have a 30 sec scene out of the CAD System with 32fps - this creates 961 Pictures. I Import the pictures with the Option (1 sec per picture).
The hole movie in camtasia tooks 16:01 min (961 sec).

How to reduce the time? I select all Picture and applyed Clip Speed propertiy to 30 sec!

The movie runs like it shouldt.

Again, thanks to all....

Regards Martin