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every screen capture I take comes out in a size that cannot be read. As a result I end of resizing each image. It seems  that there should be a standard output size option that is readily available but I can't find it. Thank you for your help. I have 13.1.1 - windows
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Posted 3 years ago

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Is this a still image or a video capture?

How are you triggering your captures? If you could provide more details, it would be easier to provide some advice.

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I think the problem lies with this function:

Put simply, if you select 'Always Shrink to fit', it doesn't.  Instead it shrinks it to a size which, as you point out, can't be read, with acres of white space around it.  

The solution is to press the button that says 'Fit to screen.'  That works.

So you turn that useless option 'Always shrink to fit' off, to discover that every screenshot that is made  which is >60% ish of the screen is now oversized.  Good news though people.  Guess what?  If you press 'Fit to screen' it fits to screen.

What we actually need in that pop out

1. Optimise (fit to screen if oversized, otherwise actual size)

2. Actual size (for people who want a quick zoom to 100%)

(Put check boxes against these two so the user can choose the default that suits their needs)

3. The slider for other use cases BUT with + and - step controls so you can nudge up and down by step increments without having to mess around with a slider that can be unpredictable.  You'd think the slider control would smooth screen zoom.  But no, it does it using the very increments that the + and - controls could use.

The sad thing is that all the functional components required to make this work correctly are in the product but the UI/UX designers (if they have any) have masked them with a broken UI.

This broken design philosophy has been applied  to the entire UI. Longtime, experienced users have been shouting about this from the rooftops for months but all we get is platitudes.  

SnagIt was a wonderful tool once but I think TechSmith have turned into Microsoft.  They think they know it all and don't need to listen to customers, because we know **** all about what we need.

As a 15 year SnagIt user I find it all very sad.

If they just had the good grace to say, 'We got it wrong.  We're sorry.  We're rolling back to the version 12 UI and will build a working product based on that,' then I for one would say "Hooray, common sense has prevailed.  You won this customer back.'

But then the CEO of United Airlines is not about to apologise properly either.

Oh, and we'd need to be certain they had hired some competent UI/UX experts because they clearly don't have any.
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Please tell me where to find that function.  Thanks.
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That control is centre of the screen below the image.  But you should also look at the options for creating a preset, undr screen capture, which will allow you to capture images at a set size.
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the new version of snagit is really a shit, I used to use snagit 7, which is user friendly and stable, but the latest version looks stupidly comic, many functions hard to use, like the resize problem, each time you have to click resize,