Slow cut out after vertical capture of long web page

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After capturing a very long web page using vertical scroll I ended up with a 2100 x 27000 pixel image which I needed to edit to remove the first 95%. After positioning my start point immediately above the area to be retained I dragged up to the top and performed the cut. The only problem is that it took about 3 minutes for the drag operation to complete. The image being edited scrolled up at a snail's pace. Was I doing something incorrectly or is this just how it is? I am using 2018.1.0.

A related question is whether there is a way of setting cut points without clicking one and then dragging to set the other? It would be useful (and frequently a lot quicker) to have the option of two separate clicks to set the cut points followed by a choice of Apply or Cancel.

Another related question is whether it's possible to initiate a vertical capture from a specific starting point - i.e. without the capture scrolling back up to the top and capturing everything?
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Posted 2 years ago

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I just did some experiments.  I think the inescapable conclusion is that it is the sheer enormity of the capture,  That's 57 million pixels  you are asking SnagIt to process.  I did some captures that for me were big but still nowhere near as big as yours and they worked.  So I repetitively pasted them in to create a monster and it was slow.  Not as slow as you report but still slow.  I don't know ehther performance dips on a straight line or whether there's a tipping point

Given that you are then doing cut outs from the capture, one answer might be to do several captures and paste them together.

From a technical POV I don't what issues there are with 32 bit compared to 64 and CPU / RAM configurations.  If you have to regularly produce monsters, you might want to call Support
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First issue, I see what your talking about.
I created a monster. My monster's bigger than yours. LOL
1596 x 53,155


The cut out tool sailed through it like a hot knife through warm butter.

But that's only because I zoomed out to 5% scale. As soon as I hit the top of the editor it scrolled very slowly. So if you were scaled at 100% I can see why it took you 3 minuets to reach the top. SnagIt doesn't seem to have a Turbo Boost key for scrolling.I looked for one, hit every key that seemed viable, to no avail.

Photoshop uses the Shift key. Hit that and it's off to the races.

As to your related question. There is no way to click to start a selection, then scroll up, click again and complete a selection, not that I'm aware of.

As to your final question, you need to get acquainted with the Panoramic Capture Tool. It will solve all your problems by capturing only what you want.
 No more 30,000 pixel captures will be necessary, just to discard 25,000 to get to your goal. It's a great little feature. I use it a lot.

 It made scrolling capture obsolete. That's a feature they could probably get rid. It breaks practically every time a browser goes through a major update anyway.


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Thanks Joe

You are right, Panoramic Capture is the way to go. A very useful tool and a perfectly reasonable alternative to my two clicks and Apply proposition.