Smart Focus in Camtasia 9 how do you enable it after reducing the screen res?

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I'm using Windows 8.1 with Camtasia 9

I (did) have a rush job that requires the screen to follow the mouse and zoom in on it.
Smart Focus once did it.

I read for it to work on a high res screen you have to drop the resolution so I dropped it to 1280x720
Still can't work it out.

Watched a great video by Techsmith on version 8 and he made it seem so simple.

I have Camtasia 9 now I wanted it to just follow the mouse to do most of the zooming for me.
I can clean it up later if needed.

Seems I can't even get off the ground.  I watched another techsmith video but he used the zoom feature... what a real pain in the neck.
Good video link

Hopefully wrong video for what I want to do..

I have to leave the keyboard now for about 5 hrs so any answer I'll reply when I'm back.

Hopefully someone has already created a how to for Camtasia 9 
Thanks in advance.

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  • Why change the way something is done... it reduces prodcuctivity.

Posted 1 year ago

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So, I'll start by saying smart focus in Camtasia 9 is not to bright in my opinion.
It doesn't always focus on what it should. Or zoom into what I would zoom into.
I apply manual pan and zooms because I know what I want to focus on and for how long. How fast I want the pan and zoom to happen. You can give viewers whiplash "So to speak" if you pan to much, or to fast.

I recorded my 2560 x 1440 monitor. You need to set Project/Editing Dimensions smaller than the recording to use Smart focus.I chose 1920 x 1080 and scaled the video to fit.It was a recording of the Camtasia editor.

Under the Modify tab up top. Theres a Smart Focus Tab. Chose apply to Timeline or Selected Media. That's it.Done. Keyframes will be added to the clip and pan and zoom animations will be applied.

Here's smart focus focusing on the callout I'm typing in.Its  off center and the tops cut off.

Heres smart focus showing me opening the Transitions panel.The top of the panel is cut off.

The timing of these animations is not ideal either. By the time you adjust the timing."Reposition the Keyframes" Change the size and position of the window.

Its quicker to do it manually. Fighting with something that's broken is unproductive. If you want to zoom into something. Use pan and zoom.Its the easiest tool on the market for it. That's my advice.

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Thanks Joe, what made me think it would work smartly!
I agree it ain't worth trying to fix a stuffed function by trying to fix it's suggestions.

Ages a go I used it often then after one of the upgrades I couldn't get it to work as well.
It did my head in and I gave up on what I think is an excellent feature 'IF IT WORKED BETTER/SMARTER' that is.
Shame really.
Magix Vegas 16 has auto tracking and can do video editing so I may lean on it more. Smooth zooming and blurring I'm lead to belive..

Regardless thanks for saving me from doing my head in again with a techsmith product cough feature.

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Thanks @Rick for telling me about the special on Vegas.  I use it often but it was an older version.