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Dear all,

I have checked the Camtasia Tutorials and I must say, that the movement of the mouse cursor was always very straight and smooth in the videos.

How can I do this in my tutorials? Is there any trick? :)

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Posted 3 years ago

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I agree having a controlled mouse/cursor movement is key to a successful video.  When I help people to create effective videos with Camtasia, I always discuss the mouse movement and advise to only move the mouse when it needs to perform a function, and to move it purposefully. Too many people 'talk' with the mouse. I'm not aware of a trick, but you could remove the cursor that's been recorded (by changing the opacity to 0%) and replace with an image of a cursor and add an animation every time you want it to move on your canvas. I hope this helps.
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Simon Link

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Exactly my thoughts, also the thing when people 'talk' with the mouse. :-)

Thank you for the suggestion concerning the animation. I'll give it a try.
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One of the big differences between Adobe Captivate and Camtasia is the way the mouse movement is handled. Captivate has a mode of operating where it behaves in a very similar way to Camtasia. Everything is full motion from start to finish in this mode. The big difference between the two application is how editing occurs. Editing in Camtasia is a much improved experience than what it is in Captivate.

However, having said that, when it comes to the mouse, the movements are tracked separately. Imagine that Camtasia offered a special "track" just for the mouse movements. Captivate has a feature that allows you to "smoothen" mouse movements.

We already know that Camtasia does track some information with the mouse because we are able to add Cursor Effects. So it doesn't seem like a stretch that TechSmith would be able to offer a similar thing that would allow us to not only "smoothen" the mouse, but also to add points to the path that would allow us to refine it.

Cheers... Rick :)
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Rick I would agree with you on Captivate and that is one nice feature and it would be a great idea for a future enhancement and improvement if they could implement something like that in Camtasia Studio and even SnagIt when doing videos. Captivate is a great software but it will not do video lie Camtasia so if they could make one that had both of these features offered in one it would be a greater software for the users.
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Man, I've been asking for this feature from TechSmith since I first started screencasts several years ago. It's a reason a lot of folks around here using Premiere for custom mouse control. It doesn't seem like it would be too much effort for TechSmith to include a couple sample mouse callouts, like a pointer and a hand and include screen movement with both instead of going through all these steps:
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Ron Sanders

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I wish they would do something as well.  Qarbon's Viewlet Builder tackled this a decade ago.
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this tutorial describes one way to handle big jumps in cursor positions ...
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I know this is a little late to the party, but have you considered using a mouse recorder?
I have just (this morning) found a piece of software called Mouse Recorder Premium (its actually free) that allows you to record your mouse actions... 

What i have been playing with and have come up with so far is that i do a dry run trough of my screen recording using the recorder - it records everything, including the pauses i put in between movements and clicks - I then reset everything, record the screen in Camtasia and run the Macro the mouse software made - and record it.... everything is the same.

However the great thing is the mouse software allows you to playback the mouse movements as 1 of 3 options
1 - As recorded
2- Linear - it moves the mouse in a straight line between start and finish points
3 - Spline - it does the same as Linear, except it transcribes a graceful curve between points... 

So far so good.

I would be grateful to hear others comments on this, as I see this as a useful tool to have - although this functionality native to Camtasia would be better.


PS - don't worry about getting the pauses totally correct you can edit this in post (in Camtasia) 
PPS - I should say I record my screen separate to my sound... so it works a little better for me. 
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Simon Link

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What an awesome tool! I tried it and the mouse movement looks really nice. 

But how can I import the output script to Camtasia?

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Is it capable of running simultaneously with Camtasia so the exact mouse points may be captured?
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Simon Link

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Didn't work for me. Camtasia doesn't record the mouse cursor anymore when the script of Mouse Recorder Premium is running.

Too bad.
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I am producing training for a web application.  I recently aquired a free Firefox plugin called iMacros.  It records steps that I perform in the web application.  From the fields that I click, to drop-down menu choices, to text typed into fields.  I can then run the steps in the macro.  That way no miss-clicks occure from the script that I create.  When I use Camtasia to record what is occurring it has a perfect step-by-step video recording.  Only there is no visible mouse movement.  Having the ability to add a mouse movement layer in the Camtasia editing tool would make this process perfect workflow.