Smooth video preview when Behaviors are applied

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(This idea comes what what we’ve heard here in this community as well as from other customer feedback methods we utilize. The feedback we gather here will help us gauge how well it fits our users’ needs. Please let us know what you think)

The Problem:

When I add behaviors or animations, the video doesn’t play back smoothly, and I’m not confident the resulting video will be smooth. 

Potential Solution:

Improve the smoothness / power of the editor so that animations are rendered smoothly, so that what I see in the preview window will be what I get when I produce
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Posted 3 years ago

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This would be huge for my team. A majority of our work involves making videos greater than 5 minutes in length while using many editing features such as behavior. We don't feel as confident as we should and often have to spend extra time in rendering the file to see what it actually looks like since the preview doesn't always work. A temporary solution was to segment the video into sections so we can render more quickly, but we feel the preview button should support behaviors.
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Second andersondurantutoring above! Why aren't there more upvote for this? This would be HUGE!
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This would be awesome if feasible but I guess it depends how powerful your computer is too?  
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This would be huge. Camtasia 9 also freezes when I move a combination of assets (animated backgrounds, lower thirds), audio and video along the timeline.  This is on a PC with core i7 and 16GB RAM.

There is so much right with Camtasia that the little quirks are annoying :)
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OMG yes! I have to render all my videos in order to see smooth playback. This wastes time and resources.
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This is a MASSIVE frustration for me and greatly extends my editing time.  The timeline cursor stuttering across the timeline assets and behaviours have been applied does erode confidence in achieving a presentable final production.  Like other, I have a highly spec'd PC.
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Yes! I never had this kind of trouble with choppiness/stuttering in Camtasia 8, despite running on the same PC (Core i7, 32GB RAM).

Since I love Camtasia and 9 in particular, I'm willing to deal with it, but I would appreciate it if this issue could be fixed.
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Jittery and stuttering has been reported with some features such as behaviors but also in other cases as well. Our goal for editing and preview experience is “what you see is what you get.” When there is stuttering or jittering in timeline or preview, users, understandably, lose confidence that the product will be smooth. We have this on the backlog for a future development cycle to smooth out editing and preview experience as much as possible.

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We updated the status of this idea to Planned. Active development is taking place to resolve the issues described by this idea. As development progresses, we'll share updates on this thread. Thanks!
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I though this was just my computer.  I have been going to IT and Corp trying against all odds to get approval for an upgraded computer, when I (and IT) originally thought my current computer should have been powerful enough.  I guess maybe I our original intuition was correct as this just might be a common issue with Camtasia. 

With the projects we have coming up in the next couple months, I really hope this fix is followed through and applied.   At the moment I have to literally rend the video (up to 30 minutes) to see how elements line up........go back and edit to and take my best guess on how to (again up to 30 minutes) rendered video.... go back and edit to and take my best guess on how to get the picture.  

In a project with loads of behaviors this can take what should be a 4-5 hour project (with what you see is what you get in the editor) to a couple day project as it is now.
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it is not possible that a software will behave in this way even with mid-high hw resources, I am vividly disappointed with camtasia 9.1 !! Fortunately I did not buy it, I have 4core i5 SSD and 16GB RAM and with 30 FPS MP4 movies in 1920 * 1080 the preview can not really use !!!
SORRY but it is really bad software!
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Official Response
We're currently evaluating render preview window performance. Camtasia 2018 made some adjustments pushing toward using GPU based rendering to improve performance. Unfortunately, not all machines / GPUs are created equal, so this failed to have the overall impact we had hoped for.

We're continuing to look at how we could hand preview performance. If you continue to experience issues please contact our support staff and let us know as many details about your experience as possible. 
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Really? I can't even use my Nvidia graphics cards native drivers after all these months. You guys can't even get my graphics card to be compatible, let alone speed up behaviors.

If I do, videos that aren't .trec recordings get washed out in the canvas area.They render that way to.
I've opened support tickets as well. I can use the Microsoft render driver.My card runs at 1/2 the effectiveness it does on it's native drivers.

Camtasia 8 renders videos utilizing my card without a hitch.

Camtasia 9 utilizes my card to aid in timeline playback without issue.

Frankly, you guys scare me when you start playing around with graphics cards. You need to fix whats broken first.

Heres a couple of examples of what tech support has already seen.


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Couldn't have said it better