Snagit 13.0.2 Update is now Live!

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Hello everyone! I am excited to announce that we have officially released Snagit 13.0.2 for Windows today!

What's new in 13.0.2 you ask? With the release of Snagit 13 we received some excellent feedback and outside of a number of bug fixes, 13.0.2 is the first step in implementing some of the features or workflow tweaks that you brought to our attention!

To start, you can choose whether you'd like to start a capture with the new capture window or if you prefer to use OneClick (a docked, collapsible window as seen below).

You can enable OneClick by opening the Snagit capture window and clicking on View - Show OneClick.

We have also updated the following items:

  • Added a way for Snagit to take precedence over other programs using the same hotkeys
  • Added the ability to display or hide labels for the Editor toolbar icons
  • Added functionality to remember the last tool when working with multiple captures
  • Added the ability to set a hotkey to stop video capture
  • Fixed a crash from a conflict with third-party audio programs
  • Fixed a crash when pressing the ESC key to exit the All-in-One and video recording toolbars
  • Fixed an issue wither the Highlighter tool was obscuring content
  • Fixed an issue where Save As... preferences were not retained
  • Fixed an issue where Presets were not sharing to selected printers
  • Various other bug fixes and performance improvements

You can also see the above list at our Snagit (Windows) version history page. To receive this update, open the Snagit 13 capture window and go to Help - Check for updates. If you are using OneClick, mouse over the
OneClick window and click on the Gear icon and then the Help menu and choose Check for Updates. If you would prefer to download and install the update manually, you can do so here.

As always, if you run into any issues updating, please open a technical support ticket at so our dedicated support team can work to address your issue in a timely manner.

Thank you all and we look forward to hearing your continued support of Snagit 13!

Team TechSmith
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Posted 4 years ago

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Looks good so far - thank you
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I appreciate the update, but it started as a inconvenience for me.The SnagIt 13 update became SnagIt 12 so to speak on my computer.

See this thread.

I did some uninstalling and reinstalling to correct the problem and am back in business.

Shrink to fit in the editor works GREAT and even scales very large images correctly. Unlike SnagIt 12.

No shrink to fit was my biggest SnagIt 13 complaint. I haven't had time to check out anything else.

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Shrink to Fit - It is very useful

You can put name - Shrink to Fit  Always
I have a proposal

Here I have sensation like something is missing.

CheckBox active - "Shrink to Fit Always" | OK.  It is better respond well

But for deactivation CheckBox

 I want visual confirmation for this. - especially in big pictures.
CheckBox - deactivation to go to "Actual size" for visual confirmation.
That was deactivated option.

Can be done?


"Tool Properties" Does not remember the last position.
In which stage is?
Was found the problem?

Acknowledged - what does it mean?

"Tool Properties" Keeping last position after Exit, restart, reopen SnagitEditor | Does not remember the last position.


You can put in the next version for Crop tool.
For quick access.

Place it "Context Menu" Crop CheckBox for:
- Hide/Sow Overlay
- Delete cropped content


When will it be - "Zoom with Sceoll Wheel"
It is just a simple setting.
I think that could be done.

Snagit Editor Preferences:
  • Zoom with Sceoll Wheel


When will it be these for Zoom fast.


I need space for my shortcuts.
When will it be, the possibility for put more toolbars?
and Additional shortcuts for toolbar when will be.

Snagit 13: Practical Snagit Editor UI Updates

Snagit 13 Editor: === Bring it back - Spin controls in Snagit 13 Editor. === See images

Snagit 13 Library: [Customize] Hotkey "Remove from Library" is missing - It can put and [Customize]

When will it be, the ability to edit all hotkeys from Snagit 13 Editor?
I need more freedom.

They are so hard to do?
I've written many ideas but who apply them.
Even if are not original, they help.
I do not even know which of them will be made.

I will miss of version 12
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WHen I create a custom toolbar, if I restart my computer, it's back to default everytime (I loose my custom toolbar). Also would be nice to be able to save different custom toolbar setting.
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Hmm... that's frustrating. We've seen that a couple times, but it should have been fixed in 13.0.2. We could better help you if we had someone in Technical Support get more details from you.

Could you perhaps open a ticket or call to get your issue figured out?
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Floating Capture Icon.

I upgraded from an older version. The old version had a red circular capture icon that could float on the edge of the screen and make snag it easily accessible. Is that still possible ? I just upgraded to the latest version.
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Yes, you certainly can. It's called OneClick and it can be turned on in the Capture View menu or in Capture Preferences.

For some reason GetSat isn't allowing me to upload a GIF at the moment, so here is a quick example in a link: