Snagit 13 for Windows - Product Usage Query: Capturing a web-page while leaving hyperlinks intact?

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While using Snagit 13 for Windows, I don't see any option to capture a web-page (or a part of the web-page) while leaving hyperlinks intact.  What I need is to capture (in PDF format) a web-page (or a part of the web-page) screenshot while I can still open the captured web-page that will still have the clickable hyperlinks as if I am navigating the original web-page. Isn't this possible with Snagit 13?

In general, my observation on version 13 of Snagit is that many of teh great capture features that existed in the older versions are no longer found.  Is Snagit 13 is a downgrade rather than an upgrade as it is supposed to be?

Thanks in advance for your quick help.

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Posted 2 years ago

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Yeah I agree with you. Instead of Snagit you can go for Jing or Greenshot. It has the features you are looking for.
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Thanks for the Greenshot advice. They have taken away a lot of features, messed up others. No one seems to be real quick about adding them in nor addressing the new bugs. The last really useful version was v11. Yes I can go back to v11 but having paid for v12 & v13, why has that even been a consideration when people ask for support?
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Why are Snagit 13 and Camtasia 9 so very different than previous releases?
Their thinking has changed dramatically with both programs.
It is as if their entire Teams have been replaced with people that do Not understand the companies previous philosophy. In this case it is Not a good change. I have used both programs for years and to make such radical changes and release programs that disrupt most of their loyal users workflow shows a complete lack of understanding of how many of their users use their programs. And that is not even considering how many bugs have been found. Arg! Features that have been left out, features that do not work! Arg! Again. 
There are New features that are pretty good but they are overshadowed by all the problems created by previously mentioned problems.

Re-group, admit your mistakes, Fix Your Loyal Users Concerns, Fix Them Quickly, Learn from your mistakes and Never do this again. Do not take working programs and make so many changes at once. Please. We expect gradual improvements and added new features That Work.

Thanks for Listening
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Amen to that! The attitude came in around version 12 with a total redesign that no one except the management seemed to like. The responses that you can go back to an earlier version are especially infuriating
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Hasn't this been discussed ad nauseam in the past months? If I understood correctly, the design boss has stated that the new interface was necessary to attract new users. 
I find that reasoning preposterous, of course, but evidently the current design team has staked its career on the new interface, and I don't see anything changing.
I have uninstalled v13, and use v12.
One think TS could to to make it easier would be some sort of how-to guide along the lines of "You used to to X one way, no it is done that way."
Wait and see
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Many thanks for all your enlightening responses.... which simply means that the money I put in to upgrade from version 11 to 12 and then from 12 to 13 was just wasteful. This also confirms that with the current philosophy of TechSmith product team for Snagit, there's no point upgrading to newer versions when they prove time and again that the newer versions of Snagit is nothing but a scaled-down form of the product with lesser features and rather focusing on making the UI look pretty by skillfully positioning it with glitzy marketing lingo.

I have been using Snagit since many years and as a loyal user of this product I should say that it is sad to see the current state of affairs with product design/roadmap at TechSmith.