Snagit 13 is a downgrade from previous

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I upgraded to Snagit 13 from version 9. This is awful. Nothing is easy to use or find and some of the functionality that I so loved is gone.
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Posted 2 years ago

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I must agree.  I went from 12 to 13 and feel the same way.  Nothing is where it used to be and the program, instead of scrolling a portrait rolling window , wants to constantly do panorama scanning no matter the setting.  In addition there appears to be no way to dock the program for easy use as one could do with 12.  And, I find that the HP printer I have will only print the first page 6 times of a scanned scrolling screen rather than the entire 6 pages correctly so I have to print to Adobe and print from Adobe.  There is much room for improvement here in this area.
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Hi rfmiller;

This particular printing problem with your HP printer is a known issue; have you followed the steps in the support article covering this topic? Are you referring to the OneClick interface? Snagit 13 has that option and it is found under the Snagit 13 capture interface's View menu, see below:

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Hi Patti;

It's unfortunate that Snagit 13 seems to have missed the mark with you; what particular features in Snagit 9 that are not available in Snagit 13 did you find missing?

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I also upgraded to Snagit 13 from a previous version of Snagit but cannot remember the version.

Am I correct that there is no workaround to the following problem?

I have to document current settings of a program and took about 30 captures with the idea of pasting them all into a word document. After taking all of my captures, I went to the recent files area to copy the files into Word. But I only had the most recent 10 files. I went to settings and see that I can only keep a maximum of 15 files in the recent files area. When I go to the library, I can see all previous captures (good!) but cannot copy directly from library to my word document. (if i try that I get the name of the file and an S icon in my word document. So I have click at each file in the library so that it opens in the editor from which I can copy and then paste into word. It seems to me that I could keep 100 or so captures in the recent files pane in my previous version. (I don't remember if there was a limit, but I often would go back a few days and hunt up an old capture. If I am limited to 15, this is a problem for me.

So my question is this: am I correct that some previous versions allowed me to keep many more captures available for immediate copy/past operations and that, if I want that functionality back, I need to find that previous version? (I can remember going 3 or 4 days back and looking for old captures to put in emails, but that seems to be impossible now.)

Thanks !
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I agree and so do the 50+ people in my immediate work area.  I introduced SnagIt to my coworkers in LA after someone in our NY office showed me.  I buy it for everyone.  It's a great tool, but going from v11 to v13 is awful.  I had IT reload v11.