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I have to say SnagIt UI has gone backwards.  Selection of colours for borders used to be a single click, with a choice of a variety of colours and varying shades...the new color picker is awful and I can't easily or even add specific colours I use.

It reminds me of a product going back called ACDSee, which absolutely owned image management, then they did a UI feature upgrade and broke the core stability, suffice to say customers left in droves.

I'm going back to 12...did you even get feedback from customers that specified the new UI, or did you just have people with some time and thoughts it might be nice to change the whole interface?
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  • disappointed, frustrated, going back to 12

Posted 4 years ago

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So probably it should then be v13 with v12 interface, right? Some adjustments to v12 UI because of any new features, but that's it. I can't judge as I am not a developer, but it seems to me that it shouldn't be too big of an issue for the skilled TechSmith developers.

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As a long time user of SnagIt, I can categorically state that the usability of V13 SUCKS, BIG TIME !

Techsmith should be reimbursing everyone who upgraded, as a matter of course. It really is that much of a disappointment.

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As with removing 'folders view' and 'text capture' TechSmith won't return things that have gone.
In spite of the many many complaints. As someone already wrote, with every upgrade, they get a flood of complaints, but eh .. I wonder if they really care.
Well, at least they hardly care to respond on all the complaints, in my view.
Sadly so.
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I've been a SnagIt user for perhaps 7-8 years' and I'm not liking v13 at all.

I agree with most comments in that it is taking me longer to do basic tasks so I don't think it's for me.  However, I'll try it for another few days' before considering going back to v12.

Can I do the following in v13:
1) "Tag" an image?  This is essential as my library has several thousand images and I need to be able to find the important (tagged) ones quickly.  This is a deal-breaker for me.
2) Is there a way to have the capture in a "top bar" (or whatever it is called)?

Main issues besides the above:
1) I'm finding it slower to do many tasks.
2) The tooolbar is a major step backwards; design, location on the screen.  Having icons in the top middle and also right of the screen is not as effective - eg "callout" and "quick styles" - as the v12 layout.
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Ok - another day in - found the top-bar and also the "tag" feature (which is now burried in a menu and less easy to reach / use).

So, a big step forward for me, though still finding it slower to do my everyday tasks. 

Hopefully familararity will make me more productive over the coming days' so I can stay on v13.
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This discussion reminds me of when Wordperfect was replaced by the fancy gui of MS Word.  For those who knew Wordperfect well, MS Word was a kick back to the stone age, and (though now 20 years ago) MS Word still cannot deliver the  speed that an experienced Wordperfect user could achieve.

The new Snagit version looks cleaner, and is probably less intimidating to new users.  But for power users, it is a move backward.  There are just too many clicks involved to get things done.  Focus much be changed all over the canvas.  Positions for tools have changed (our paleo age brains rely on consistent location).

There is blowback from change (which is inevitable, hyperbole notwithstanding), but the new GUI really works in a clunky, albeit "pretty", manner.  I think perhaps when Techsmith was working on the user experience, they didn't weight the power users enough in design decisions (power users will also be the most vocal as their work day takes the biggest hit, and the nubes have no reference point and so won't comment).

To that end, as Techsmith works on the next version I hope they get some metrics on
  • how people use the tool
  • what operations are most frequent and their frequency by user group
  • number of clicks and fine motor steps necessary to accomplish those operations
  • develop a "pain/joy" index for operations
This will help them
  • test designs against the various user types
  • lean on the users who have offered to help (gratis, at that)
  • develop a rubric to evaluate each design decision for each user type
I'm hoping that they come up with a solution that involves multiple pathways to the same operation.
So the power users' interface is fast, and the nubes' interface is self evident.

Let's remember in our ire that it is still an awesome tool.  They've set the bar high, but came in significantly under it.  So part of the frustration is missed expectations, which compounds the pain of reduced productivity, and frustration of interrupted work flow.  The zone is gone, and we all appreciate when we're able to work in the zone, and resent that which takes it away.
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Like with the removal of 'Text capturing' and the removal of 'Folders view' in v11.4 and v12, we end up complaining to each other.
Really wonder though whether TechSmith is following this thread at all.
Regretfully TechSmith did not care to reply in those threads, except for 1 or 2 comments at the start of the thread.

Same case with this thread: a lot of complaints, but no feedback from TechSmith as to what they intend to do with the complaints, except for posting something that basically boils down to nothing more than 'duly noted'.
For them, probably this thread is closed.

What users want to hear whether these complaints are taken seriously, what actually is being done with these complaints, what the future plans are, whether or not TechSmith considers to re-introduce the v11/v12 GUI or any other suggested GUI  and if so, when, or if not, why not.

Also why this new interface has been introduced in the first place. I can only imagine it is to reduce costs as maybe the 'old' interface requires more resources to maintain?

What are TechSmith's view on seeing people moving back from v12 to v11 (requiring refunds) and now people are moving back from v13 to v12. I myself am still using v11.3 (even having a v13 license).

Just saying that old versions are still available and one might ask for a refund is bypassing the issues from my point of view.

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Official Response
Hi Mike,

For Text capture, we're still trying to figure out ways if we can bring it back. But there are a lot of problems there. The reason it was removed was NOT that we didn't see it as valuable. There are plenty of reasons it can be used. It was an incredible feature. But it was broken by changes in Windows. We couldn't get the text reliably anymore. We will continue to explore how we can bring it back, but we haven't found a reliable way.

As far as replying to threads, the problem with threads that are as broad reaching as this one is that replying to them sends notifications to a lot of Snagit users where the reply may not be relevant to them. So we lean toward replying to specific idea/feedback threads. But we certainly read all of them.

To be clear, we're moving forward with the 13 Editor design for the foreseeable future. All our analytics show an increase in tool usage in Editor. Which is fantastic. We’ve got more people than ever using the tools we’ve built to be more effective at their jobs. I apologize if there are workflow hindrances that arose from that. We learned quite a bit from our betas prior to launch and delivered a version of Snagit that many have upgraded to and continue to use.

We are doing as much as we can to recruit people that have brought up these issues for our future betas to make sure that we understand more of these before we release new versions in the future. But I don't see another dramatic change to the UI happening again anytime soon.

My post from several months ago on this thread explained the reasoning behind why this interface was introduced:
  • Expose more of the power of Snagit, while not coming off as overwhelming
  • Promote and support customization of tools
  • Make the interface more approachable
  • Put us in a better place to scale the UI as we add tools, effects, and other features
And of course:
  • Maintain as many common workflows across Snagit as possible as we make change
We've done quite a bit in response to this thread and others, it’s been extremely valuable to get. In 13.0.2, adding zoom to fit as a setting, remembering your last tool instead of the arrow, adding labels under tools. In 13.0.3, making the ability to turn on OneClick more apparent. More here:

We also have a lot more great feedback from you all that we’re going to release changes to address for in the next release.

Sorry for the wall of text. Exciting things coming to Snagit 13. :)

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