Snagit 13 (version 13.1.3) is sub-standard by comparison to earlier versions.

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Snagit 13 is sub-standard by comparison to earlier versions.  

Nate (TechSmith Support) suggested I should post my concerns to your feedback site.

I’ve installed Snagit 13.1.3 and found issues with it.

The manual/custom trim function, for example, has been removed in Snagit13.

Custom trim settings in earlier versions provided greater flexibility for resizing images. Versions 10 and 12, for example, had a resize image function with a manual/custom trim option to customize trim settings for Top, Bottom, Left and Right edges of the image.

Snagit 13 has functions to resize image, resize canvas and crop image, but none does what I want. The option to manually drag the edges of the image to trim the top, bottom or the sides is still there, but that is not as efficient as the custom settings.

The removal of the manual/custom trim settings from resizing options in v13 has made it less flexible, less efficient and less user-friendly than earlier versions.

The custom trim setting function has been one of your most useful tools.

In previous versions the captured image defaulted to a position in the upper left corner on the editor screen. With Snagit 13 the captured image defaults to the centre of the page. Another unfriendly change to v13. It is much easier to work with the image from the left corner.

There were also a lot more menu options available in earlier versions to customize the quick access toolbar, etc., than in Snagit13.

I’m finding version 13 is not so pleasant to use. It feels like a backward step. I get the sense that it isn’t up to the standards of earlier versions.

Snagit 10 was one of your more user-friendly products with a better organised main screen and better laid out editor screens, functions and menu options.

Snagit 12 had some drawbacks, but was useable.

Snagit 13 feels very clunky, unfriendly and sub-standard by comparison. Seems like changes have been made just for the sake of change with no real thought for product continuity, quality, or user satisfaction.

You need to get back to providing a top quality product. Fix Snagit 13 - reinstate the custom trim settings option; bring back all those flexible menu options for the quick access toolbar; change the default image placement on the editor screen back to the upper left corner, or enable custom placement to suit the user; bring back whatever else you have removed that was standard in earlier versions. Snagit 13 is sub-standard and is in need of improvement in a future update.


Erin H 

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Posted 2 years ago

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Rick Grunwald

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The big discussion was whether v10 or 11 was the last great version before the corporate nose dive. My vote was with 11 but it is moot. It got so wild for a while that the corporate people were listening but it all died down leaving no much hope that it will again be the tool that many of us came to love
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Yes, indeed, after Wendy Hamilton's "Request for Voting on Recent Snagit Feedback"-post, some 2 months ago, we all got enthousiastic and submitted ideas and 'me-toos', desparately hoping TechSmith would make product changes.. Some ideas about GUI changes (QAT, Ribbon) apparently didn't get enough support and were set to 'not planned', which was very disappointing to say the least.
Frankly, I haven't visited the TechSmith forum anymore for a few weeks. I am hanging on to good-old v11.3/FastStone combo (I use FastStone where SnagIt fails), so I lost interest in following the forum: think there is not much happening anyhow. Guess we need to wait for -say- another half year or so and hope for the best once v14 is released.
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Rick Grunwald

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Not participating is probably the point
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Rick Stone

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I have to say that I agree with your viewpoint on the custom trim function. I used that little bugger all the time and I still miss it. 

But I disagree with the estimation of it being substandard. Personally, once I gave it a bit of time it became second nature and it now feels oddly foreign to close 13 and use 12. There are some features in 13 that I find awfully useful. Among them and in no particular order:

* Panoramic Capture.
* Moving bits of the image around or just removing them altogether and having the background auto fill in.
* I really like the new Text with Outline feature. 

Cheers... Rick :)
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Michael Swenson

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I cannot not even begin to articulate how much I REALLY dislike version 13 Editor.  I spend half my time trying to find the tools I need.  E.g. the highlighter.  If I could, I'd ask for my money back and go back to the old version.
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I couldn't agree more. I wish I hadn't 'upgraded' from 11. But the buck stops here for me. I will not renew any maintenance fee going forward. The money will be better used to purchase a different product.
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I think many of us are more or less waiting for v14 and hoping that at least some of the many features requested in the many 'Feature Request Round-Ups' will be put in there. Well, at least I am.

Just do a search on : Feature Request Round-Up   and you will notice a lot of hits.

you will see a 4 months old (very short) list of what might be planned. I am afraid that, percentage wise, most feature requests have been declined though and apart of this list, we are a bit left in the dark about the developments.
btw - it seems TechSmith stopped asking users for feature requests.
Maybe there were too many requests... :-)

I myself still hang on to v11. This version may have some limitations compared to later version,
but I know my way and don't need to spend time on investigating how to do this-or-that.