Snagit 13 - What happened to the Color Palettes?

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What happened to the very useful Color Palettes found in the Fill and text Outline menus from version 12? I used many of these colors on a daily basis and they seemed to have been removed from version 13 and replaced with a couple of "pastel" shades (compare palettes below).

Is there an easy way to load the version 12 color palette? Using version 13 for a few days now and many useful features were removed or drastically changed without much consideration for the user. For example, moving the Properties menu from the top of the screen (version 12) to the right side (version 13) now requires additional scrolling for each property change required.

I will likely roll back to version 12.


Version 12:

Version 13:

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  • frustrated by design changes in v 13.

Posted 3 years ago

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I guess I'm the only person who dislikes the new limited color palette in v13 ...
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No, you're not alone gmelerine.
 I don't like the new color pallet either .

In my opinion all the selectable colors are dull and lifeless for use in annotations. I never select a color from the pallet.

Regards, Joe 
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You have vote from me for "Color Palettes"
Yes! you're not alone gmelerine.

I hope in the next version to be much better and easy to use.
I tried,  now to see what will be in next version.
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I'm going nuts but can Snagit bring back the color palette in  version 12? I called customer support and I was told to come here as theu are actively monitoring the community forums. Grrrrrrrrr!
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Yeah so basically, they're expecting you to submit this as a feature request as an idea. So others can vote on it.
If you submit it as an idea I will vote for it.
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Hi there

I missed them as well. Perhaps what I did as a workaround will help you out until such time as these may be restored. I screen captured the image below and saved it as a stamp.

Using this, I can easily plop the stamp on any image, then use the eyedropper to get the color I want.

Once finished, I can delete the image. But to be honest, since discovering the next bit below, I almost never do that any more.

The good news as well is that I can actually save some of the colors in the SnagIt color area as well in the "My Colors" area.

Cheers... Rick :)
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I would like the old brighter palette back, too.  Is SnagIt listening here?  I mostly use shapes and stamps for highlighting or annotating and I want them to be brighter and more noticeable.  The new colors *look* nice but are not useful for my purposes.