Snagit 2017 Year End Voting Roundup!

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Hello TechSmith Community;

Welcome everyone! The counts are in and the feature suggestions have been brought to the development team and we are here today to let you know what suggestions fit where within our development track. Please note that highly-voted suggestions are not guaranteed to be within the product; each suggestion is reviewed by our development team and TechSmith leadership and weighed against our plans and where such suggestion will fit. This is an evolving process so some ideas may have a Status change as development continues on Snagit. Feel free to reach out to Robert at if you have any questions or concerns regarding the Feature Suggestion process.

Without further ado, here is a breakdown of the 2017 Year End Snagit Voting Roundup


  • At this time we have no Planned suggestions. But that will change as we investigate the Ideas Under Consideration.
Under Consideration

June 2017's Snagit Voting Round-Up "Under Consideration" Results:

Not Planned

Suggestions from 2017's Roundups that have been implemented:

If you are running into a technical issue or would like to report a potential bug, please open a technical support ticket.

-Team Techsmith

Original Post Contents

With the wrapping up of our Camtasia voting period, we are now launching our 2017 year-end voting period for Snagit. It will run from today, January 5th, 2017 through January 19th, 2017. The purpose of this Snagit Roundup is to take the feature suggestions submitted between July 1st, 2017 and December 11th, 2017 that had the most number of votes and resubmit them to the community; we will be sharing this thread and sending out in-product notifications to existing Snagit users in an attempt to reach the widest pool of Snagit users possible. We recommend that you click on the various Share buttons found at the bottom of the thread to share them with your co-workers and fellow Snagit users (see here ).

How to vote:
To vote in this roundup you need to first log into your TechSmith account in the upper right corner of this page then simply click on those feature suggestions listed below that you would find useful and purposeful to your usage of Snagit. Once you are logged in and have selected the suggestions most impactful to you, just click the "Vote" button in the upper right corner of the Idea thread (see here). Please note that you can only vote once per thread.

Have a feature suggestion that is not listed?
If you have a suggestion for a new feature, please create a new suggestion here. If there is an existing thread covering the same concept as your suggestion, please vote for it (do not create a new thread). If your idea is not listed you can create a new thread by clicking on the "Continue Creating Conversation" link at the bottom of the page (see here). Once you have filled out your new suggestion, simply click "Post" to submit it to the community (see here). Submitting a suggestion in this fashion may see it added to the next round up, which will take place mid-2018 assuming it is a popular topic with the community (based on Vote Counts).

Please note that no ideas posted in the comments of this topic will be added to the current round up; if you have an Idea that you would like to submit for a roundup, please do so by creating a new thread and sharing it via your colleagues, social channels, and champion its cause here in the TechSmith Community Forums.

That concludes our list for this Voting Roundup!
Thank you all for your participation and we will update this thread with the results shortly after the voting period has ended.

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Rick Grunwald

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How about fixing the stamps browser for a start and then at some point get it rebuilt? This is something that was broken and is a  really part of the core of what snagit should be doing (markups) A lot of people were in several threads looking for a fix and perhaps search and keywords at some point yet ... it is always  on the lower end of interest despite the votes and comments. Some of the things on the list such as the layers view and vector support have far fewer people wanting them, not that they are not worthy
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Rick Grunwald

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  1. Cannot search
  2. Cannot click to insert
  3. Cannot drag and drop out of the utility
  4. Browsing is difficult
1 &4 need to be implemented and or fixed
2 & 3 used to work. I have no idea as to why it was broken and left that way.
Ask the superstamps users that use a lot of stamps to mark up documents how this affects them
This has been a central component of snagit for a long time. Basic usage not bloat.
Opening a windows explorer window is a bad workaround. You can easily delete stamps if you are not very careful if you delete and not close it from the recent bar
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Rick Stone

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Hmmm, I would think searching would be a bit of work, no? I mean, there would first need to be some method created that first allowed you to somehow tag each of the stamps with key words.

Not following you on the inability to click to insert. I suppose you want the ability to just click a stamp and poof! It goes into the canvas? Where? I'm not seeing that particular bit as being a hindrance. I click my stamp and then I roughly position the mouse where I want the stamp and I click. Same goes for the drag and drop out of the utility. As it's unlikely that the image would be placed where you really want it to be, you would still need to click and drag it to where you want it, no? Perhaps you are wanting to add more than one stamp at a time?

Hmmm, and in thinking about that, it might be nice if we had a "pasteboard" area surrounding the actual canvas. Where we could perhaps have stamps or whatever that we could "make live" on the pasteboard. Perhaps they would be there when creating a new image from scratch. Or immediately there after a capture. Then it would be as simple as dragging them from the pasteboard and dropping on top of the image.

I could see where if it allowed us to drag from Windows Explorer into the stamps, that could be useful.

I do use stamps quite a lot. And for me, I've found that most of the time, I'm using just a few stamps. So one thing I did that helped my own sanity was to create a folder and name it 0001 - Often Used. That way it floats to the top of the list of Stamps. And I placed those often used stamps in that folder.

A while back I suggested another feature for stamps. An ability to right-click a stamp and have SnagIt create a new image from the stamp. I would find that very useful for some of my own workflows. Additionally, it could be very useful to right-click in the editor and see an option to save either the entire image or a selection as a stamp.

Cheers... Rick :)
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Rick Grunwald

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It used to work that way ... double click a stamp and it would appear on the board for further moving and manipulation
Searching would be some work. It would require a keywords  database of sorts. IT would be nice if we had the format and could import at will. Not going to have a meltdown if we don't get that right off
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Ramin Chavoshi

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its very good software 
but latest version record button is not like past version 

also if you add stream live possiblity  with chroma key wil convert to one of pwoerfull multimeida software
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Rick Grunwald

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If they did that, you wouldn't want to buy Camtasia. Snagit video is for simple stuff. Very simple. It would not be fair to say it is a ?come on) for Camtasioa but ...

Lets just say that Snagi is not a video editor and if you need more than a simple video, Snagit is  probably not the product for it.