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I downloaded SnagIt 2018 (Trial) today and played around with it. Looks like version 12 and 13 with maybe some new features like Techsmith advertises. I am going to uninstall and revert back to my version 11.4.1. The software takes a long time to run on my i7 Desktop with 16GB of RAM and 20TB of Hard Disk. I always look towards new versions. I have both versions installed in two different directories. I am able to run both versions but only 1 version at a time.

After Capturing,

SnagIt 2018 took 7 seconds to come up with the editor. (Original download size = 213,478 KB)

Version 11.4.1 takes 2 seconds to come up with the editor. (Original download size = 69,241KB)

The original QAT bar is gone and is replaced by a dumb bar that will not expand because it is hindered by two shortcuts called "Library" "Capture" on the left and "Copy All" and "Share" on the right. These four choices could have been placed on tne menu bar and not on the same space as the toolbar. Less Key strokes would be nice but I found you have to click a lot to perform a simple capture (get rid of the pesky mini bar that pops up after you defined your capture area). Hey what happened to the selection of "Copy" "Cut" and Paste" buttons for customizing the toolbar. My original QAT had about 40 buttons on it and worked nicely.

"Grab Text" worked very well on simple paragraphs and simple documents capture but went gaga with a directory capture.

The new version looks like version 12 and 13. I may be picky but I will wait before paying for the upgrade. You folks do your own reviews and check the software out.

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Posted 2 years ago

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Can't disagree. 11 was the last version that respected user workflow.. There have been promises to restore that usability but nothing has happened other than a few bells and whistles. Someone in an office somewhere decided they knew better what was needed than the end users. Techsmith may have passed it's prim
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Die benutzerdefinierte Toolbar ist eine herausragende Funktion, welche vom Support schnellstmöglich mittels Update wieder implementiert werden sollte. Warum ein Upgrade, wenn einerseits Funktionen hinzugefügt und anderseits Funktionen entfernt werden? Für mich nicht nachvollziehbare Entwicklung. Bitte updaten!
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I have been using SnagIt for years and have recommended it to co-workers for ages.
I was still on maintenance when Snag13 came out, so I tried it out. When my maintenance expired, I renewed.

After I renewed, I sent them an email saying:
  • I had been a customer of theirs over years and that I was about to drop their product.
  • Version 11 and 12 had an awful interface and was useless. I don't remember which version started the down trend.
  • Snagit 13 changed my mind. The interface improved. It wasn't as good as one of the previous; but it was workable.
  • The new panoramic capture was a god send.It was better then all their other previous versions.
I just poked at 2018 and its interface is the same as Version 13. So, it is workable.

As far as the text capturing, it is comparable to some others. OCR isn't easy. I did and did't have the same problem as shown here. But I've narrowed it down.
  • Filenames and or tabular column text which contains spaces causes it to not understand how it is formatted.
  • Otherwise, filenames without spaces seems to work.
I am a happy customer.
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Hallo Support,

es wäre schön, wenn Ihr euch zu diesem Thema äußern könntet.

Leichter für Interessenten wäre eine Gegenüberstellung der Versionen in einer Tabelle mit deren Funktionsumfang. Dieser Support-Blog ist nichts Halbes und nichts Ganzes. Sehr unübersichtlich.

Ich als Kunde möchte schnell Entscheidungen treffen können und benötige einen klaren Vergleich der Produkt-Versionen.

Herzliche Grüße
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Hallo Olaf;Suchen Sie etwas ähnliches?

Vergleich in Deutsch:

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Hallo Robert,

ähnlich ja. Nur nicht über den Funktionsumfang, sondern zuvor vorhandene Funktionen, welche dem Upgrade zum Opfer gefallen sind.

Wie Du den zahlreichen Kommentaren der User entnehmen kannst, sind diese mit den Upgrades nicht immer glücklich.

Bessert TechSmith noch nach?

Gruß Olaf
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Heute habe ich die Testversion 2018 Windows installiert und gleich als erstes die Text erfassen Funktion (OCR) im Editor getestet. Hierfür habe ich eine Grafik verwendet. Ich werde eine Nachricht an den Support senden.
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I agree with this post.  I purchased the 2018 version and today, asked for a refund.  I have moved back to SnagIt 12.  I found no speed difference using the 64-bit version over the older 32-bit version.  I found the extra real estate used for custom buttons such as SAVE AS to be a waste of space.  I was able to add an X to end the program in the Customize Quick Access Toolbar in the older version, and that wasn't an option in the new version.

The show stopper for me was that the new version opens a window when it starts in Version 2018, and in Version 12 it can be set to just go the tray.  Since I use it throughout the day when I need it, I start it up in the morning (or have it load with Windows start up) but I don't want to have to close the SnagIt window every day--I need it when I need it, not the first thing in the morning when I boot up the PC or when I turn the PC on and off at various times during the day.  I can look in the tray to see that it is running--please don't make me have to do extra work by clicking to eliminate a window I never wanted to see in the first place.

The only feature that I will miss by going from 2018 back to SnagIt 12 will be the Grab Text tool, which I think I might have used on a rare occasion.
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I have been happily using Techsmith products since Camtasia 1.0. Because Snagit 13 has poor interface (compared to Snagit 12) and it’s functions are unreliable I was curious to see Snagit2018 so I installed the test version. It is sad to see that its UI is very similar to Snagit 13 and it also has the same problems with interface. Among other things, the key commands are very difficult to get activated.  It is so same as in Snagit 13, difficult to get the main menu active to navigate the submenus and start the key commands. You can work only with mouse pointer.  So today I returned to Snagit 12 in my Win7  PC. It is really disappointing. TechSmith seems to have serious problems with R&D.

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A lot of us expressed similar. Many were devastated by the imposed changes in V 12 and the downward spiral from there. At one point one of the owners chimed in and while we are not going back to the incredibly fast and intuitive Snagit 11, they seem to be once again listening to what customers want and paying attention to how we use it rather than dictating how we must bend in order to use their Ideas of what we should want.

One example is the ability to add menu items to the tool bar. That patched a hole left when someone decided we don't need a user toolbar any more. I had things on the that made work FAST.
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Genau so ist es! Danke für Deinen Beitrag.

Ein riesen Lob an TechSmith wäre fällig, wenn zumindest die
" Benutzerdefinierte Erweiterbare Werkzeugleiste Symbolleiste "
in Snagit 2018 wieder implementiert würde.

Hallo, Tech Support -> Bitte Feedback geben!
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It is exactly like that! Thank you for your contribution. 

A huge compliment to TechSmith would be due if at least the 
"User-Extensible toolbar" 
would be implemented in 2018 Snagit again. 

Tech Support, Hi -> Please feedback!